Why pub pool tables are not just for him

pool cueYou might imagine the typical clientele who use pub pool tables to be men, perhaps young to middle-aged, either in a pair or in a small group, taking it in turns to play against one another.

But it doesn’t have to be that way – we are living in a time of gender equality, and an ever-increasing number of people of both sexes have spent time, for example, at university, where the Student Union pool table is a popular meeting place for boys and girls alike.

Ahead of Christmas, an article in the Times Higher Education supplement noted how many gifts are gender-defined for no reason – including toy pool tables for men to have on their desk at work.

Sally Feldman pointed out a gift guide from another of the major dailies, writing: “‘Guardian Man’, apparently, will relish a desktop pool table, a fish-shaped flask, a beer-decorated tea towel, stag cufflinks and a bottle of whisky.

“While there is nothing wrong with … fancy hand creams and pretty scarves for women, who says we wouldn’t be just as happy with some of the forbidden items in the men’s section?”

So don’t be surprised if you see more women on your pub pool tables in 2015 – they might be less likely to have a mini table of their own to play with at home.

Quiz machines keep the seasonal spirit alive

quiz machinesChristmas is nearly upon us, and once it has come and gone, quiz machines will be a great way to keep the sense of festivity going into the new year.

For many people, a visit to their local pub is no longer primarily about the drinking – as is clear from the rise of on-premises food sales in recent years.

Instead, it is a chance to meet and socialise, to spend time with friends, and to this end the long-held tradition of the weekly pub quiz is still a popular social event for groups of all sizes.

With a quiz machine on your premises, you can cater for these groups and their social aspirations, even when there is not a pub-wide quiz taking place.

As the new year gets underway, plenty of people will be having post-Christmas catch-ups, or simply fulfilling a New Year’s resolution to socialise more, so make sure you have a quiz machine in place to keep them entertained.

Remember, a fruit machine is typically for one player at a time, whereas a quiz machine – although some people choose to play alone – is suitable for several players to pool their knowledge, making it the obvious choice to attract groups into your venue in 2015.

Classic fruit machines go under the hammer in Chippenham

fruit machineA selection classic fruit machines from the now-closed Great Yarmouth museum Yesterday’s World went under the hammer in Chippenham at the end of November.

The sale was the first of several to dispose of the museum’s former collection, after it closed its doors in November.

At that time, the directors of Yesterday’s World said: “We would like to thank the many visitors who have supported Yesterday’s World in Great Yarmouth.

“We would also like our staff to know how much we genuinely appreciate their support, loyalty and enthusiasm.”

The first sale of the museum’s collection at Chippenham Auction Rooms saw a number of vintage and reproduction slot and fruit machines go under the hammer.

Along with these were other slot machines, including fairground-style amusements like fortune-teller machines and bagatelle games.

Further sales are due to take place in December to dispose of the remainder of the collection, with many of the vintage slot machines already selling for several hundreds of pounds each.

Of course, with slot machine hire, there is no need to pay upfront to get a modern gaming machine for your venue – simply pay a rental fee or agree a revenue-sharing arrangement instead.

Juke box hire gives you a slice of a £4bn economy

jukebox hire

Juke box hire gives you a way to entertain your customers, as well as making your own extra source of income from the money people pay to choose their favourite songs.

On the centenary of the formation of the Performing Right Society, now known as PRS for Music, Prince Charles hosted a reception at Clarence House for some of the UK’s top songwriters.

The PRS was formed on March 6th 1914, and on November 20th 2014 more than 80 guests including Sir Paul McCartney, Ray Davies, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Brian May attended the celebratory reception.

PRS chair Guy Fletcher OBE said: “We are so proud of what has been written, performed and accomplished in the last 100 years.”

The figures are compelling – music contributes some £3.8 billion to the UK economy each year, and we are one of only three countries in the world who export more music than we buy from overseas artists.

Juke box hire gives you a way to tap into the revenues of this thriving music industry, as well as to entertain your guests in a way that is compliant with PRS for Music royalty rules, supporting your own income, and that of the UK’s songwriters.