Why pub pool tables are not just for him

You might imagine the typical clientele who use pub pool tables to be men, perhaps young to middle-aged, either in a pair or in a small group, taking it in turns to play against one another. But it doesn’t have to be that way – we are living in a time of gender equality, and … Continued

Quiz machines keep the seasonal spirit alive

Christmas is nearly upon us, and once it has come and gone, quiz machines will be a great way to keep the sense of festivity going into the new year. For many people, a visit to their local pub is no longer primarily about the drinking – as is clear from the rise of on-premises … Continued

Classic fruit machines go under the hammer in Chippenham

A selection classic fruit machines from the now-closed Great Yarmouth museum Yesterday’s World went under the hammer in Chippenham at the end of November. The sale was the first of several to dispose of the museum’s former collection, after it closed its doors in November. At that time, the directors of Yesterday’s World said: “We … Continued

Juke box hire gives you a slice of a £4bn economy

Juke box hire gives you a way to entertain your customers, as well as making your own extra source of income from the money people pay to choose their favourite songs. On the centenary of the formation of the Performing Right Society, now known as PRS for Music, Prince Charles hosted a reception at Clarence … Continued