Christmas Countdown

December is often the biggest month of the year for many businesses and keeping your staff motivated is essential for making the most of this busy season!  

Reward your staff

If your staff work hard, they should be able to earn something in return. This doesn’t need to cost a lot, perhaps those who’ve performed the best all week can stick their hands in a lucky dip box on a Friday afternoon and see if they get a comical gift or something special? A few bottles or a takeaway pizza makes a good treat if targets are hit.

Inject some fun

Christmas is a jolly time of year and you don’t want your staff to feel like you’re Ebenezer Scrooge. Have a Christmas tree, plenty of decorations, wear Christmas jumpers (if suitable) and have the radio on. Bring Christmas to your workplace.

Give them the gift of downtime

You don’t want to push your staff to the point where they’re stressed and unable to work. They must be able to have lunch breaks and rest breaks or they’ll burn out. If, for instance, they spend 8 solid hours staring at a computer screen with no break, this can be so damaging physically and mentally.

Set up breakout areas if you don’t have them already and encourage them to be mobile-free zones if you can, as you don’t want your staff swapping one screen for another. Installing a pool table or two can be really refreshing. It encourages friendly competition between teams and there’s bound to be plenty of banter. Maybe you could have a Christmas leader board, with prizes for the winners?

Comfy seating, magazines and table football could also help make your breakout area a hit with your staff.

Get in touch

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