How to maximise the appeal of your pub

According to a new YouGov poll of 2,000 house hunters on behalf of property website, 1 in 4 people want their new home to be within a 15-minute walk away of a good pub. They were happy for banks, schools and churches to be further away.

For landlords, this survey confirms how important pubs are to communities and it also highlights how important it is to attract people who have just moved into your area to your pub. After all, you want them to become regulars at your pub and not at a competitor’s down the road.

Judging a book by its cover

The outside of your pub is very important as you want to impress people, whether they’re driving or walking past. Make sure your outside space is clean and tidy at all times. It needs to be well-light, with smoking shelters and heaters. If your paintwork is looking drab, now is the time to consider repainting. Posters should be fresh and appealing, enticing people in with special offers and meal deals.

Consider your drinks range

Do you offer anything other pubs in your area don’t? For instance, do you have new speciality beers every month or hold craft beer events? Why not see if your current regulars have got any recommendations.

What entertainment do you offer?

As well as offering a wide selection of drink and food, you need to think about installing a pool table if you don’t have one already. They can be hired from Manco Automatics for a very reasonable price. Every time they’re used, you’ll be earning extra money and if you hold regular pool competitions you could create a real buzz in your local area.

A digital juke box is another way of generating extra income and drawing people in. Having the latest songs available (as well as classic tracks) will mean that every kind of music lover is catered for. Fans of pub quizzes will love playing on quiz machines and fruit machines might be something you want to consider too.

At the end of the day, you want your pub to offer the whole package so that it’s at the forefront of people’s minds next time they want to meet up with friends or enjoy a night out.


Getting ready for party season

Now is the time to start thinking about how you can make your venue stand out from the crowd this party season. People are already getting excited about Christmas, thanks in part to Christmas decorations, mince pies and tins of chocolates already being in the shops. Before then though, you’ve got Halloween and Bonfire night to plan for.

Digital juke boxes

Every good party needs music to sing along and dance to. Trying to cater for everyone’s tastes can be tricky if you’re relying on just a CD behind your bar but if you have an attractive digital juke box in one corner, your customers will be able to pick their own tracks. You can choose whether to profit share or rent.


Get out your decorations from last year and bin any that are damaged or look like they’ve seen better days. It’s worth investing in some good quality decorations that will last you many years. Think about your windows, you want them to entice people passing to come inside. Lightening is very important as it helps create the right atmosphere.

Safety considerations

If you’re going to be holding a bonfire and firework display, then you’ll need to think about safety and let the relevant authorities know as soon as possible. Click here to find out more >


Does your current layout need rethinking for the party season? Would moving some tables and stools create more space that you could put to better use? Perhaps you could introduce a pool table or two, pull tab machines and/or fruit machines? Not only would your customers like them but they should help generate more income too. If you already have some, maybe now is the time to get them serviced as you don’t want them to breakdown in the run-up to Christmas.


Will you need to hire more staff for the party season? Perhaps now is the time to start recruiting so you can make sure they’re up to speed by the time things get busy. You might also want to think about ways your staff can compliment your décor. Perhaps they could wear Christmas jumpers or t-shirts?

Get help

To find out how you can make the most of your available space and improve your profitability, give Manco Automatics a call on 0161 870 7777. You can hire or buy jukeboxes, fruit machines, pool tables, quiz machines and pull tabs. We also offer a maintenance service.

Know your customer? But do you know their customer?

Know your customer? But do you know their customer?


In most businesses, across most industries, we aim to provide our customers with the best service and/or product we possibly can, but how do we go about doing this? Learn as much as we can about our customers and their business, right?

How much do we know about our customers, customers though? The end user? The punter?

If we understand how our products or services impact the end user, does it help us understand more about the three way relationship as a whole? Does it matter? We believe it really does, especially in our sector.


Topical Case Study


We’ve been supplying high pay-out Fruit Machines and Pool Tables to a popular Catholic Club in Salford for 40 years now. So, naturally, while we’re on site we get to meet the clubs customers, the end user.

After learning more about what a handful of club goers we’re looking for when it comes to high pay out fruit machines, we set about sourcing one of the latest, most up to date and interactive games on the market today. With direct end user feedback and access to such a machine, we couldn’t fail, right? Not quite.

After installing the new machine and having the opportunity to watch the end user interact with it, it became clear that while they loved the bright lights, high pay outs and features of the machine, it was too complicated for most users. So after digging deeper, we understood more about their needs. They wanted the lights, the high pay out, the interaction but they also wanted some more traditional features and told of an old machine they absolutely loved. Cops and Robbers.

Having recently visited The EAG, we had good news.

Cops and Robbers, the old favourite had been given a new lease of life. A completely new machine with a modern take on the old game.


   Cops and Robbers Diamond Heist


Fruit Machine Hire

Happy punters in a Salford Catholic Club

An instant hit with the Catholic Club and their punters.

After just 2 weeks this machine had caused quite a stir. The punters recognised the old gameplay and were queuing up to have a go.

While on site we noticed a couple of decent jackpot pay-outs alongside the heavy usage. The machine had taken around four times the usual revenue we would expect from a new machine at this point and is looking like being a great addition to the clubs profit share revenue.

By taking the time out to understand our customers, customers, and being willing to invest in new machines, we’ve made this three way relationship a real success.

If you have old machines or a lack of usage that affects your profit share revenue, then why not get in touch and let us find out where improvements could be made and maybe source new machines for your customers.

                                                    0161 870 7777



Manco This Christmas

                                            Manco This Christmas

Firstly we’d to take this opportunity to wish all our customers, staff, friends and followers a very happy Christmas. 2015 has been a big year for us and we couldn’t have achieved half of what we did without you, so thank you!

                                             Don’t call us scrooge

We’re not looking for any awards here, but we would like to share with you what goes on behind the bright lights of Christmas for the Manco team.

As we provide many of the North West’s pubs, clubs, bingo halls and other social venues with themed fruit machines, Juke Boxes loaded with Christmas songs and very popular pool tables, we tend to be the fourth or maybe fifth emergency service to our customers, over the festive period. Most of us will have witnessed The Pogues belting out at the local, the crowd around the pool table or the determined fruit machine master trying to land that elusive jackpot. All things that mean higher footfall and higher profits for the relevant establishment at this time of year, if properly maintained. It’s our job to keep the fun alive by being on hand to help with any issues and make sure all machines and tables are kept in perfect working order, no matter what time of year it is.

                                                  Did you know?

We’re on hand every day over Christmas and New Year (apart from Christmas day) to ensure our clients and their clients get the level of service they expect so that The Pogues can play on without a hitch.

If your provider doesn’t operate these hours over Christmas and you need assistance, we’d welcome your call. If you’re looking for maintenance, or even new machines then we can help. Our engineers are able to make onsite repairs, replace machines, re-cloth pool tables and ensure heavily used machines are emptied of coins when needed, to ensure a fun, secure and profitable process throughout.

                                                   Get In Touch

So don’t delay, give us a call on 0161 870 7777 and make a change for 2016. We’ll be glad to hear from you.

With lots of drink being consumed and plenty of time off work spent socialising we hope you all drink and gamble responsibly and stay safe this Christmas.

                                                 Merry Christmas

                                                 The Manco Team


With club fruit machine hire Manchester venues can maximise leisure time

Many of us work very hard for every second of leisure time we can get, and with club fruit machine hire Manchester’s venues can help their patrons to enjoy every moment.

According to research from GFK, most people around the world – 58% of those surveyed – are at least ‘fairly happy’ with the amount of free time they get.

In the UK this rises to 67%, just over two in three people, ranking behind only the US (69%) among the 22 countries surveyed by GFK.

What’s more, the figure is limited solely to positive sentiment – and worldwide, a further 24% of people had no strong feeling either way about the amount of leisure time they get.

The club fruit machine hire Manchester venue operators invest in each year helps to make leisure time even more enjoyable for the city’s residents and visitors – and of course, you only need a few spare minutes to play pub fruit machines.

Interestingly, there was little variation between age groups, indicating that almost anyone is equally likely to be ‘fairly’ satisfied with their free time – the only significant age impact came among retirees, who are much more likely to be ‘completely’ satisfied.

Manco Automatics Ltd