Know your customer? But do you know their customer?

Know your customer? But do you know their customer?

In most businesses, across most industries, we aim to provide our customers with the best service and/or product we possibly can, but how do we go about doing this? Learn as much as we can about our customers and their business, right?

How much do we know about our customers, customers though? The end user? The punter?

If we understand how our products or services impact the end user, does it help us understand more about the three way relationship as a whole? Does it matter? We believe it really does, especially in our sector.

Topical Case Study

We’ve been supplying high pay-out Fruit Machines and Pool Tables to a popular Catholic Club in Salford for 40 years now. So, naturally, while we’re on site we get to meet the clubs customers, the end user.

After learning more about what a handful of club goers we’re looking for when it comes to high pay out fruit machines, we set about sourcing one of the latest, most up to date and interactive games on the market today. With direct end user feedback and access to such a machine, we couldn’t fail, right? Not quite.

After installing the new machine and having the opportunity to watch the end user interact with it, it became clear that while they loved the bright lights, high pay outs and features of the machine, it was too complicated for most users. So after digging deeper, we understood more about their needs. They wanted the lights, the high pay out, the interaction but they also wanted some more traditional features and told of an old machine they absolutely loved. Cops and Robbers.

Having recently visited The EAG, we had good news.

Cops and Robbers, the old favourite had been given a new lease of life. A completely new machine with a modern take on the old game.

   Cops and Robbers Diamond Heist

An instant hit with the Catholic Club and their punters.

After just 2 weeks this machine had caused quite a stir. The punters recognised the old gameplay and were queuing up to have a go.

While on site we noticed a couple of decent jackpot pay-outs alongside the heavy usage. The machine had taken around four times the usual revenue we would expect from a new machine at this point and is looking like being a great addition to the clubs profit share revenue.

By taking the time out to understand our customers, customers, and being willing to invest in new machines, we’ve made this three way relationship a real success.

If you have old machines or a lack of usage that affects your profit share revenue, then why not get in touch and let us find out where improvements could be made and maybe source new machines for your customers.

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RIP Bar 7

We regret to inform you of the sad demise of Bar 7 sited in an arcade in Preston that we look after. Bar 7,  was a 10p play, £5 Jackpot machine that was manufactured in the late 80s. Since its manufacture many other machines have been and gone, whilst it has remained popular and paid for its self many, many times over.

After decades of loving care, keeping it going far beyond the length of time that most machines are expected to last, we finally had to concede defeat last week and let him go where the good fruit machines go. But as a tribute to this wonderful machine, please see this photo and marvel at the holes worn into its cashbox made by the vast amount of money that it has generated.



May he rest in peace!