How to pull in a profit with pull tab tickets

We’re all familiar with pub pool tables, fruit machines and jukeboxes, but we sometimes find customers who are not so familiar with pull tab ticket machines and how they make a profit.

The concept behind a pull tab ticket machine is simple enough – for a price of 25p, 50p or £1, the player gets an instant-win ticket similar to a lottery scratch card.

Each game has its own prize levels, pay-out percentage and ticket price. For example, players can see information at a glance like “every 1 in 6 tickets is a winner”.

How to calculate pull tab ticket profits

A full set of tickets typically contains around 3,000 and sticks to the stated prize levels and win percentages.

Therefore, you know exactly how much income the game will generate – simply by multiplying the ticket price by the number of tickets in each set.

You can also see at a glance the total prize pay-out per set, either by referring to the supplier’s information for that set, or just by adding up the individual prizes for that game.

Subtract the total prizes from the total ticket revenue and you have an instant measure of how much profit you will make once you sell the full set of tickets.

Which pull tab tickets make the most profit?

Surprisingly, some of the largest operator profits come from pull tab tickets with the best win percentages – and not always the highest ticket price.

Classic Jackpot Cherry Bell is a great example of this. Its win ratio is 1 in 3.96 tickets, which means more than a quarter of the tickets in each set are winners.

Each ticket costs 50p and prizes range from 720 tickets that win 50p back, right up to four jackpot prizes of £100 each.

Total revenue from the 3,623-card set is £1,811.50 and the total prize fund is £1,292.00, leaving a healthy profit of £519.50.

What else affects pull tab profits?

It’s not just about the profit per set of pull tab tickets. If you can sell more than one set, you can multiply those profits several times over.

Popp-Opens lottery tickets include a Coronation St set that’s popular for obvious reasons among Manchester pull tab ticket machines.

The set contains 2,800 cards at 25p each, raising revenues of £700.00 against prize pay-outs of £405.00 for a net £295.00 profit per set.

Because each set is relatively small and the title is a real attention-grabber, it’s possible to sell through more sets faster, making bigger profits over the same period of time.


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Top five updates your venue will need to get winter ready

The run-up to Christmas is going to be hectic so make sure you’re prepared. Your tills will be ringing and you’ll have the opportunity to increase your takings tenfold, but only if you consider what your customers want.

Here are the top 5 venue updates you’ll need this winter:

  1. A smoking shelter

Your smoking shelter should offer protection from the elements and be big enough for several people to use it at the same time. No one wants to get soaked to the skin if it starts to rain. You might want to get some de-icing salt so you can create a safe route to and from the shelter if it gets icy.

  1. A juke box

You want your venue to be buzzing, even midweek and one way to do this is by having a juke box so people can choose their favourite tunes. Hire one today.  To find out more, click here >

  1. Outdoor heaters

It’s amazing the difference outdoor heaters can make. You want to maximise your available space so let people enjoy themselves on your patio/garden area even on cold nights by having heaters. This can drastically increase your capacity and stop people from going elsewhere if your inside space seems too crowded when they first arrive.

  1. Pool tables

Having pool tables can draw in new customers, entertain your regulars and boost your income. You can hire pool tables in a wide range of different colours and set the coin validators to a price of play of your choosing. To find out more, click here >

  1. Extra fridges

If you have space, you should consider installing some extra fridges for displaying bottles or extra shelves. You don’t have to keep having to go to the cellar to restock on busy nights, you want everything close to hand.

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Pull tab machines – what are they and do I want one?

Fruit machines have been around for generations, with pub pool tables appearing around the 1980s, quiz machines at the turn of the millennium, and now pull tab machines – but what are these newcomers, and should your venue have one?

In brief, a pull tab lottery machine allows your customers to deposit their stake, pull a tab – hence the name! – and receive an instant-win lottery card out of the slot at the bottom of the machine.

As you might imagine, the potential maximum prize varies depending on the amount of money the player stakes, with typical card prices ranging from 25p to 50p to £1 and prizes returning up to about 400-500 times that stake.

There’s a cost for the tickets and the venue covers the prizes too, but the best news is there is no need for a licence to have a pull tab machine, which also means it should not affect the number of other categories of gaming machine you can have on your premises.

No tax or duty is charged on the profits – including both VAT and Machine Games Duty – so you keep the full amount your machine makes, less any prize money and the card costs, and subject to any profit-sharing agreement.

Interestingly, past experience shows that most of the people who play via a pull tab lottery machine are not from the normal fruit machine crowd, so you won’t be cannibalising takings from other gaming machines on your premises – you should see most, if not all of your proceeds come on top of the amounts you would normally see on your other gaming machines.

With all of the licensing restrictions on other gaming machine categories, this is a great way for larger premises to offer more without increasing your licensing obligations – making it well worth arranging a trial run, with a view to offering pull tab machines on a long-term basis.