Entertainment for young adult pubs and clubs

There’s a growing trend in the north-west and beyond for pubs and clubs for young adults, giving people in their late teens somewhere to go have fun.

Venues like Roxy Ball Room in Manchester are still over-18s only, but they offer more than just a place to sit and drink.

While they and others like them, such as Warrington’s Fat Cat Ball Room, may serve craft beers, cocktails and other alcoholic drinks, they offer a more rounded and rich experience.

That includes a range of entertainment that varies between establishments but includes things like:

It’s not just a good way to help young people enjoy their afternoons and evenings out, but it’s also an excellent way for venues to diversify what they offer in a competitive market.

And in an era when customers are much more likely to be asked for proof of age, it’s a good way for 18-year-olds to start going out to licensed premises without feeling like they have to drink excessive amounts of alcohol.

How to add entertainment to smaller pubs and clubs

Not everyone has room for an 18-hole mini golf course or international competition standard shuffleboards, but there are ways to add entertainment to small pubs and clubs too.

Some of these still take up a certain amount of floor space, but there are wall-mounted options that need little to no space in real terms.

Pub pool tables obviously take up a physical footprint plus cue clearance around them, so we can help you to decide if you have a space big enough to fit one in.

It’s still worth considering, as they can be an incredibly popular addition to your premises and may be worth sacrificing a few tables for, even in smaller venues.

Fruit machines and quiz machines are very efficient in terms of floor space, thanks to their upright shape and players’ tendency to stand rather than sit at them.

Jukeboxes can be even more efficient as they just mount on a spare section of wall to add instant entertainment value, along with interactive options like pub quizzes and bingo.

Finally, traditional pull-tab machines can be mounted in a little-used space like a hallway or corridor and give players the chance of an instant win, creating a new revenue stream in a part of your premises that normally goes unused completely

How games rooms improve staff morale in a working environment

The fact that games rooms improve staff morale in working environments is nothing new – back in 2003, Kevin Desouza of the University of Illinois at Chicago found the benefits include on-site entertainment and inter-department competition.

Yet many workplaces still fail to provide any form of employee entertainment for break times, missing out on a valuable opportunity to boost engagement and productivity, while getting employees back to work sooner.

Coin-operated pool tables are one way to add some breaktime entertainment that your workforce will appreciate, and you have plenty of flexibility when it comes to setting the price per play, or even offering free play as a perk.

At Manco Automatic we supply coin-op pool tables to all kinds of premises, including pubs and clubs, as well as pool tables for workplaces across Greater Manchester, and we’ve seen time and time again the positive impact they can have.

Keep employees engaged

Employee engagement is largely about feeling ‘at home’ in the workplace, and while nobody wants their workers to become too relaxed at the cost of productivity, there’s an important balance to strike.

Providing entertainment in the form of a coin-op pool table for break times is a good way of increasing engagement on the employee’s own time, while getting maximum productivity once they return to work.

As Kevin Desouza found, employers also see the benefits of running inter-departmental competitions such as mini pool leagues and knock-out tournaments as a way to increase team morale in addition to individual morale.

There are plenty of ways to do this – either by having employees compete in one-on-one games as part of a team, participating in doubles matches, or even more flexible rules that allow entire teams to compete in the same game.

Why have on-site pool tables?

You might wonder why it’s useful to have a games room in the workplace, as opposed to letting those employees who want a game of pool to go to a local pub on their lunch break.

There are multiple benefits, even on top of the engagement and morale mentioned above.

You get good control over the pool table – so it’s more likely to be available when someone wants a game, and people are more likely to be civil about taking turns.

It can represent an additional revenue stream or a way to raise funds for charity if you charge per game, or you can offer free play as a staff perk.

And finally, by keeping employees on-site during breaks and lunch, they are more likely to return to their desk on time than if they go off-premises and are delayed.

This all adds up to make Manco Automatics pool tables the ideal addition to a workplace games room to boost staff engagement, morale and productivity alike.


Pub fruit machines put the cherry on your vegan cake

We supply pub fruit machines to all kinds of establishments, from traditional local boozers to gastropubs and microbreweries that sell on-premises too.

One niche that is rapidly becoming more mainstream is vegan pubs, which play an important role in allowing vegans to enjoy a night out in the knowledge that the food and drink served to them supports their lifestyle choices.

This is about more than just a dairy-free, vegetarian menu, as many alcoholic drinks, along with other beverages, meals and bar snacks, can contain a wide variety of different animal-derived ingredients and processes.

In May 2019, Mintel’s ‘Pub Visiting’ report noted a growing number of pubs that are increasing their vegan-friendly product range, and this includes venues that take the extra step by deciding to only stock vegan food and drinks.

So if you’re going animal-free, our pub fruit machines are the perfect form of entertainment – the clue’s in the name!

Traditional fruit machines are naturally vegan-friendly, with their reels filled with images of cherries, lemons and other delicious fruits that might even help to drive sales of bar snacks among your fruitarian customers.

Completely free pub fruit machine hire

If you’re opening a new vegan pub and you want to minimise your setup costs without missing out on revenues from entertainment, our completely free pub fruit machine hire could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

We can deliver and install pub fruit machines to your premises with no setup costs or long-term contracts, so if you’re taking a gamble on opening a vegan pub in a new area or an untested market, you can reduce your risk.

You get a reliable additional revenue stream thanks to the long-term house edge on each
slot machine we supply, and we share the profits – so we only make money when you make
It’s a great way to offer some on-premises entertainment to your vegan customers and their friends, helping your venue to look like a fully fledged traditional pub on its opening day or following a vegan-friendly refurb.

Pub slot machines offer customers a range of benefits. It's not just about cash prizes -there’s entertainment value in playing a losing game too, and you’ll often see groups of friends crowded around the machine to offer advice on the best tactics and features to claim.

With jackpots from £100 to £500, our pub fruit machines have the promise of substantial payouts for lucky players, while retaining a reliable house edge over the long term, so that there are plenty of revenues for you and profits for us to share in too.


Putting pub pool tables outside for summer

Putting pub pool tables outside for summer

We’re often asked about putting pub pool tables outside for summer, and despite the notoriously unpredictable British weather, the answer is yes, you can.

However, there is, of course, some care and attention needed to make sure you don’t end up with flooded felt or boggy baize following a seasonal downpour.

The Manco Automatics team have got you covered – and your outdoor pub pool table should be covered too, just in case!


Outdoor locations for pub pool tables

Most of the rules of outdoor locations for pub pool tables are the same as for indoor pool tables, including:

  • Relatively flat, level, stable ground.
  • Adequate cue clearance on all sides.
  • Not blocking emergency routes or creating a hazard.

If the basics are all accounted for, then there’s usually no reason why you can’t put a pool table outside in a beer garden or on a terrace.

And by doing so, you can also free up the equivalent space inside, which is ideal if you plan to screen major sporting events this summer or just want the floor space for tables.


Extra considerations for outdoor pool tables

You may have seen outdoor pool tables at pubs and bars in Mediterranean holiday resorts, but it’s important to realise that the UK is unfortunately not a Mediterranean country.

Our climate means it is very likely, if not inevitable, that the summer months will see heavy rain – and our clients in Greater Manchester will know that more than most!

Because of this, you need to take some precautions if you want to put pub pool tables in the beer garden or elsewhere outside.

A suitable shelter or canopy is essential. Ideally, it should provide a permanent cover to protect the table surface against rainfall, allowing for the fact that rain can blow in at an angle in squally weather.

For security reasons, coin-operated pool tables should ideally be in an enclosed area such as a fenced-in beer garden and/or supervised directly from the bar or via CCTV.


Need help with an outdoor pool table?

We’re happy to help you decide if an outdoor pub pool table is a sensible decision for your premises and to troubleshoot any additional preparations you should make before installation.

Our team can deliver and install an outdoor pool table or if you already have one of our pub pool tables indoors, we can come and professionally relocate it to your beer garden.

To find out more, contact your Manco representative today and we’ll get the cue ball rolling.

Why you should hire a fruit machine for a social club

We’re all familiar with pub fruit machines, but you might not realise that you can hire a fruit machine for a social club, members club, or any other kind of club for that matter.

Many people also don’t realise that because you only allow members onto your premises, the rules that apply to social club fruit machines are not so restrictive.

Because of this, and the other reasons we’ll look at below, hiring social club and members club fruit machines can be a great idea to keep guests entertained and bring in extra revenue.


Rules on social club fruit machines

You can have the following members club fruit machines on your premises:

  • One B3a fruit machine with jackpot up to £500
  • Up to three B4 fruit machines with jackpots up to £400

There’s a limit of three machines in total either way – so if you choose to install a category B3a fruit machine on your premises, it must substitute for one of your B4 fruit machines if you already have three of those.


What will it cost upfront?

You might be surprised to learn that you can potentially install a hired fruit machine in a social club at zero upfront cost.

Manco Automatics have members club fruit machines to hire on profit share agreements – that means rather than paying a fixed rental fee for the machine, you share a percentage of any profit with us.

That means you should always come out in profit overall, and all of our hired fruit machines include ongoing maintenance as and when it is needed, again at no cost to you.


Do I pay VAT on takings?

There is no VAT on the takings from gaming machines – this was replaced in 2013 by Machine Games Duty, which must still be paid.

For clients on profit share agreements, you pay VAT to Manco Automatics on our share of the profits; however, because the vast majority of private clubs fall below the de minimis threshold for VAT, you should be able to reclaim the tax paid on this portion.


Putting you in control

We believe in giving you control over how much money you make from your hired fruit machines – so we offer a free consultation to decide the best fruit machines for social clubs like yours, from the branding right through to the stakes and jackpot payout.

Our rental fruit machines can even be equipped with note feeders, allowing your members to stake using the new polymer banknotes and making sure they don’t take all the £1 coins from your till!