A beer garden is a great asset at any time, but especially
during 2020, when keeping COVID-secure means encouraging customers to space
further apart and avoid enclosed areas with poor ventilation.

At the same time, there is a growing appetite for
entertainment. Some attempts to create COVID-secure drive-in festivals have
been unable to go ahead – but pubs that have reopened for business are in a
perfect place to fill that gap.

Here are four fun outdoor beer garden event ideas to help
you maximise your revenues and keep your regulars entertained throughout the
summer months and beyond.

1. Karaoke Night

Pipe your pub jukebox through your outdoor speakers and set
up a beer garden karaoke night by having your punters sing along with their
favourite tunes.

Sound Leisure VenueHub digital jukeboxes come complete with
a microphone jack and a karaoke mode that mixes the audio from the microphone
with the song that’s playing, allowing you to turn your pub jukebox into a
karaoke machine in seconds.

2. Pub Quiz or Bingo

VenueHub jukeboxes also have built-in pub quiz and bingo
modes with professionally recorded audio, so again, you can host entertainment
at the drop of a hat.

Just make sure your jukebox audio can be heard through your
outdoor speakers, if you want to hold beer garden bingo or open-air quizzing.

3. Open-Air Art Exhibitions

More and more independent venues feature works by local
artists as a way to regularly change their decor and give the artist a showcase
to boost their sales.

An outdoor art exhibition could be a good option for your
beer garden, with work displayed spaced out around the edge and available for
customers to buy and take home.

Keep delicate artworks in display cases or undercover, and
be ready to move them indoors if heavy weather sets in.

4. Fresh Air Festivals

A full-scale festival might be ambitious for the typical
beer garden, but you could invite a local solo artist to perform an acoustic
set to a socially distanced audience.

Again, if you have a pub jukebox with speakers throughout
your premises, you might simply need to plug into the microphone jack for an
instant fresh air festival that can be heard at the bar too – the best of both
worlds so your punters don’t miss out while they’re buying a beer.

At Manco Automatics we continue to offer diverse
entertainment for your pub, including fruit machines, jukeboxes and
pub pool tables.
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