Have an outstanding October with our top tips

A lot of people are going sober for October in support of Macmillan, so what can you do to entice the non-drinkers into your bar or club? We have some great ideas…

Bake off fun

The Great British Bake off is the most talked about TV show at the moment, so why not try to hold Bake Off specials on Tuesday nights? There might only be a few weeks left but your weekly event could gain momentum and could even lead to your own Bake-off charity event once the series has finished. Put Paul and Prue on the big telly, get your chef to create an exclusive sweet treats menu and wait for the Bake off fans to descend.

Live music

If you don’t have any plans to hold live music nights in October, think again. The nights are getting colder and you want to give people a reason to come out. Local battle of the band competitions are always popular but you could also try arranging a few tribute act nights. A Michael Bublé, Lionel Ritchie or Abba tribute could be a huge success and you could charge £5+ a ticket.

Juke boxes and pool

Make your pub or club THE place to go in your local area for entertainment. If you hire a pool table and a digital joke box, you’ll be giving your customers more reasons to stay in your pub or club for longer. It’ll encourage people to chat who mightn’t have chatted otherwise, helping to create a warm, friendly vibe. If you set up a pool league, you could inject some friendly competition and see people making repeat visits 2 or more times a week.
To discuss hiring a pool table and/or juke box, please give us a call on 0161 870 7777 or fill in our contact form.

Charity night

Children In Need have just launched their campaign for 2018 and although the Children In Need night isn’t until November, there’s nothing stopping your running a few events and starting collecting now. You might decide to fill a bath with beans, have a sponsored head shave… get your thinking caps on (and discuss with your regulars). Your local paper might be willing to cover any activity you do and the extra publicity could be just what you need (and you’ll be raising money for worthy causes at the same time.

If there is a charity that is close to your heart, perhaps a local charity, you could opt to run a charity night in their honour instead.

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