IPA World Championship could inspire pub pool table hire

The recent IPA 2015 World Professional Championship could be a good inspiration to invest in pub pool table hire – particularly if you are in the Sheffield area.

Of course Sheffield is already synonymous with snooker, but in mid-February the Magna Centre played host to the IPA.

If you’re a publican, you’re probably thinking of ale – but the IPA is actually the International Professional Pool Players Association.

On February 11th-15th, the world’s best professional pool players descended on the Magna Centre for an event with a £6,000 first prize for the singles champion, and £3,000 for the doubles winner.

With 21 pool tables all in one room, there was plenty of action – and while you might not need quite so many tables to fill your venue, pub pool table hire is a good way to get your hands on as many as you can fit.

There are plenty of ways to pay for the pool table hire, and revenue sharing can reduce your initial outgoings, making it more affordable to have two or more tables if you have the space and enough customers to make it worthwhile.

You might even find your first pool table brings in enough extra custom to warrant adding a second further down the line – again, if and when this is appropriate, it’s not a problem.

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