Prepare your venue for Autumn

As we move into the winter months, it’s a good time to prepare your venue for Autumn and customers’ changing habits in the run-up to Christmas.

In 2020 there are of course some extra things to consider, such as social distancing and how to make the most of the capacity you have in your premises.

But there are still plenty of options to keep your punters entertained throughout their visit and bring in some extra revenue along the way as your prepare your venue for Autumn and beyond.

Clean and clear

As the weather changes, it’s going to be harder for customers to sit outside, so make sure your interior is well cleaned and clear of any unnecessary obstructions.

By now you probably have a good idea of any pinch points in your social distancing, so take the chance to move furniture slightly if it will help.

We can arrange to have new fabric put on your pool tables if they are looking worn, ready for them to be put to good use over the Autumn.

Up to date

In addition to your pub pool tables, take the time to get any other coin-op machines on your premises up to date.

That can include installing any updates and new question packs on quiz machines, checking your pull-tab machines to see how many tickets are left, and installing the latest chart releases on jukeboxes.

All of this is routine maintenance anyway, but at this time of year it’s the perfect time to double check so you maximise your profits in the run-up to Christmas.

Special events

If you haven’t already, plan the special events and calendar dates you want to mark between now and New Year’s.

Halloween is always a popular holiday, so put up your spooky decorations and think of some events – you could give prizes for the best Halloween-themed face masks, or plug a microphone into your jukebox and have a kooky karaoke competition with songs like Monster Mash and Thriller.

Counting down

A lot of people will be glad to see the back of 2020, and although circumstances are not ideal, there are plenty of ways to celebrate.

With a little care and attention for your premises, furniture, pool tables and so on, you can be ready for the weeks and months of Autumn.

And as the days get a little shorter and a little darker, you can start your calendar of seasonal events to keep punters coming through the door as we all count down to a brighter 2021.

If you’re looking to jazz up your venue this year with one of our pool tables and machines, then give us a call on 0161 870 7777 or fill in the form via our contact page.

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