RIP Bar 7

We regret to inform you of the sad demise of Bar 7 sited in an arcade in Preston that we look after. Bar 7,  was a 10p play, £5 Jackpot machine that was manufactured in the late 80s. Since its manufacture many other machines have been and gone, whilst it has remained popular and paid for its self many, many times over.

After decades of loving care, keeping it going far beyond the length of time that most machines are expected to last, we finally had to concede defeat last week and let him go where the good fruit machines go. But as a tribute to this wonderful machine, please see this photo and marvel at the holes worn into its cashbox made by the vast amount of money that it has generated.



May he rest in peace!

Will a new £1 coin affect gaming machines?

How will gaming machines be affected by the planned move to a 12-sided £1 coin?

When the plans were announced as part of the Budget speech in March, the cost of upgrading all types of coin-operated machines made the headlines.

But it’s worth remembering the reasons behind the move – the current £1 coin has been in use for 30 years, and is prone to counterfeiting.

The new design includes two different metals, making it harder to forge the visual appearance of the coin, but also there will be plenty of other security features, many of which are not being openly discussed.

Many gaming establishments have chosen not to upgrade their validators as each of the 22 variants of the original pound coin have been released, and then grumbled at their coin validators’ poor acceptance . The release of an entirely new pound coin will force all gaming centres to upgrade all their validators. Though the upgrade will certainly be costly, doing so will certainly improve overall acceptance an should soon be self financing.

So, a win-win will be achieved, improved acceptance and a serious inconvenience to the counterfeiters.

The British Parking Association, for instance, estimates it will cost £50 million to upgrade all coin-operated parking meters, against an existing £40 million cost each year due to fake £1 coins used to pay for parking.

And the Automatic Vending Association says: “We very much support the development of a new £1 coin which will be more secure than its predecessor.”

But if your machines are being supplied by Manco Automatics, your coin validators will be upgraded at our expense; so it’s a win-win-win, increased acceptance, greater security and no cost.

What’s on in Walford? Jukebox hire in the East End


Jukebox hire probably isn’t at the front of your mind when you’re watching EastEnders, but listen carefully and there’s always a track playing in the Queen Vic.

But what’s on the playlist? Well, it’s easy to find out, particularly if you’re a Spotify user.

That is because the complete Queen Vic Jukebox playlist is available as a Spotify playlist too, which you can view online or in the standalone Spotify program or app.

It’s a lengthy list – 119 tracks at last count – and covers everything from Kate Bush to Cher Lloyd, so there’s something for listeners of all ages.

And it’s essential reading for any publican looking into jukebox hire for their own venue, and keen to keep up with one of the nation’s favourite (if fictitious) establishments.

Picks from the list include Celebration by Madonna, and Making Your Mind Up by Bucks Fizz – it’s not all Paloma Faith and Cher Lloyd, by any means.

But it’s a great beginner’s guide to building a pub jukebox playlist that combines the old and the new, the classics and the latest chart hits, so nobody who takes a look is left with an excuse not to put their money in the slot.