Bar fruit machines

The addition of a fruit machine hire to your bar could be the difference between customers staying for one drink and three. Licensees who hire fruit machines for their bars, will reap the benefits of increased drinks sales, as well as revenue from the fruit machine itself.

Club fruit machines

Club fruit machines are typically located in clubs such as social clubs and private members clubs, however they can be installed into any bona fide club to bring in a new customer and entertain your current ones.

Hotel fruit machines

The clientele for a hotel can range from workers on business trips to families and friends taking a trip together, but no matter the customer everyone loves ending the day with a bit of friendly self competition through a fruit machine.

Pub fruit machines

Publicans in modern days are constantly picking up new ways to attract customers into their pubs, one of the best modern ways that you can do that is with some new technology, such as a fruit machine rental.

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