Flexible club pool tables for your venue and budget

When supplying a pool table for your club, we listen carefully to your requirements and profile our tables accordingly. For example, if you intend to have a pool team, we will consider your local league’s rules and ensure that your table is totally compliant; a six-foot table is no good if your league only allows seven-foot tables. Then we will look to source a table that fits neatly with the décor of your club.

We will then set the price to play at a level that will be appropriate for the clientele at your club and will supply all the ancillary equipment such as cues, chalk, rests, covers etc so that you need not look any further than Manco for all their pool table needs.

With a huge range of veneers cloth types cloth colours and balls we can supply you with a bespoke table to fit seamlessly into your venue.

Contact Manco Automatics for full information on hiring Supreme Winner or Supreme Prince pool tables.

Getting the price of play right is vital if you are to maximise your earnings from your table and encourage your customers to stay and play for longer. Most suburban clubs opt for 50p play and they are right to do so but don’t dismiss 20p play as an option. Nobody will think twice about paying 20p for a game of pool and if that price keeps your table being played all night then you are surely on to a winner. If you are renting an electronic table you might like to offer free play during the daytime or during happy hour. We know from experience that this can really draw in the customers.

We supply either 6’ or 7’ tables. But remember that when choosing your table a 4’ perimeter around the table is required for comfortable play. For detailed table measurements see table below.

Club pool table information

6’ Winner / Price Table
Length 1883mm / 1913mm
Width 1109mm / 1139mm
Height 835mm
Playing Area 1600mm x 826mm / 1676mm x 902mm
Weight 193kg / 215kg
7’ Winner / Price Table
Length 2113mm / 2141mm
Width 1197mm / 1226mm
Height 835mm
Playing Area 1829mm x 914mm / 1829mm x 990mm
Weight 230kg / 255kg

Additional club pool table options

Black Pearl
HG Marble
White Pearl
Other Colours On Request
Wool Cloths
Other Colours On Request
Simonis Speed Cloth
Other colours on request

Club pool table enquiry

Call our Manchester office on 0161 870 7777 to speak to our friendly team for a free no-obligation consultation and to hear about how you can get club pool tables installed on your premises FREE with no monthly costs!

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