By consistently focusing on ‘what’s best for the customer’, Manco’s clients have become accustomed to first-class service

Customers who choose Manco Automatics to maintain their gaming machines benefit from decades of experience and intimate knowledge of products ranging all the way back to trusty old-faithful’s such as Electrocoin’s Bar X, upto the most modern equipment such as Scientific Gaming’s Triple 8. From machine purchase onwards, Manco works in close conjunction with all customers to ensure that their machines work at the peak of their ability.

How it works

We diligently follow a program of planned, preventative maintenance (PPM), and our close laisons with manufacturers ensure a speedy roll-out of security updates and game enhancements. Our engineers are skilled, responsive, and friendly, working all-out to guarantee that each gaming and slot machine maintained by Manco is kept to the highest possible standard.

We are also highly skilled in the installation, maintenance and use of Embed’s Quantum data retrieval system; regularly advising customers how to use the data provided to maximise their machines’ security and performance.

Whether your premises is a bingo hall, amusement centre, a pub or a club, you can trust Manchester’s premier slot and gaming machine company to provide an unbeatable level of customer care.

5 common types of fruit machine maintenance

What common fruit machine maintenance goes into keeping gaming machines up and running and in good working order for longer?

Open up a typical fruit machine and you’re confronted with a labyrinth of cables, buttons and switches – any one of which could fail if not properly maintained.

Regular fruit machine maintenance helps to prevent problems before they arise, with prompt fruit machine repairs to fix anything that’s gone wrong and needs attention.

  1. Stakes and Jackpots

Pub fruit machines can often be altered to accept different stakes and pay out different jackpots – maintenance in this area takes two parts, first updating the software to the new stakes and jackpots, and second switching out the decals that display this information on the front panel to the player.

  1. Bulbs and Buttons

If a light has gone out or a button isn’t working as expected, individual components can be replaced or simply carefully rewired to get them back to full functionality.

  1. Coin Jams

Fixing a jammed coin slot can be relatively easy – you just open up the machine, extract the coin validator, and give it a clean; regular cleaning is a good idea anyway to prevent obstruction of the slot by foreign objects.

  1. Coin Dispensers

At the other end of the coin chute, you need to make sure your gaming machines dispense prizes correctly, and again this is a case of regular cleaning to remove potential obstructions.

  1. Note Acceptors

Finally, pub fruit machines fitted with note validator can improve profitability by allowing players to pay with paper money rather than needing a pocketful of change – fitting one of these can form part of your routine maintenance.

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