Lincs Police: ‘Cut crime – play fruit machines’

Lincolnshire Police have told residents of the region to play more fruit machines this summer, as a way of reducing the risk of becoming a victim of car crime.

It might seem like an unlikely suggestion, but the police force explains that by taking loose change with you to play fruit machines or buy an ice cream, you ensure it is not left on show in your vehicle.

As such, any passing opportunistic thieves will not be tempted to smash a window and grab the few pounds in loose change that might be visible otherwise.

The police force said: “Don’t leave any valuables on show, even a few coins could tempt a thief – take any change with you for slot machines or ice creams.”

It’s part of a press release that urges people to enjoy the summer sunshine and any days out, but to do so cautiously in order to avoid becoming a victim.

But it’s great to see pub fruit machines get a mention alongside ice creams as two ways to have fun this summer, at a cost of just a handful of loose change, and fight crime at the same time.

What will the new pound coin mean for fruit machine hire?

The UK is preparing for a move to a 12-sided £1 coin, with a ‘tails’ side designed by 15-year-old David Pearce and unveiled in mid-March, but what are the implications for fruit machine hire?

Well the good news is that your fruit machine rental provider will handle the transition – new machines will eventually be made for the new shape of coin, and old ones can usually be recalibrated to support it too.

The same applies to other coin-operated gaming machines, from quiz machines to pub pool tables, and there’s still plenty of time to get recalibration completed before the new coins enter circulation.

But there’s also another possible impact that could be good news for fruit machine hire customers immediately following the launch of the new coin.

Often when coins change shape or size, there’s a sense of unfamiliarity with the new coin – and that’s good for fruit machine rental customers.

Most modern machines now accept notes too, and we could see an increase in players paying with £5 or £10 at a time, rather than using the unusually shaped pound coins – with the potential to boost takings substantially as a result.

Quiz machines keep Just Develop It entertained

An award-winning investment group has just moved into new ‘Google-style’ premises complete with quiz machines and table football to keep staff entertained and motivated.

Just Develop It are investors, web designers and property developers, among other things, and with an ever-growing workforce, they wanted their own new premises to be a home from home for their staff.

What they ended up with is a substantial office near Segensworth on the south coast, inspired by Google’s London headquarters.

The open-plan offices have room for the team to grow, as well as plenty of high-quality facilities – but it is the commitment to enjoying downtime that stops employees from wanting to go home at the end of the day.

There’s fully stocked fridges of drinks, table football, three ping pong tables, and quiz machines too.

CEO Chris Phillips said: “By making a really cool environment where people are all friends with each other and we can have some fun, our team don’t want to go home.

“Everything we do is designed to bring out the strengths and enthusiasm of each member of our team so this is a really exciting time.”

The quiz machines are an important part in creating this kind of vibrant and engaging atmosphere – and an indication of how quiz machine hire for pubs and other venues can keep customers on-site too.