Manco pool table hire brings new lease of life to retirement home

Manco Automatics’ pool table hire services are not just for bars and pubs; one recent happy customer is Heyeswood Retirement Complex, a residential community for the elderly.

We provided Heyeswood with a pool table to be used by residents – not only supplying a bespoke table to suit the surroundings of the complex, but also a hydraulic table lifter, which means the pool table can easily be repositioned if the space is needed for another activity.

Heyeswood’s Geoff Murphy said: “The day of the pool table’s arrival here at Heyeswood Retirement Complex was such a change for the male residents.

“The female side were gradually coming to terms with it – and indeed began to take part in, or at least watch the matches, especially the arranged ones such as ‘Killer’ or ‘Pudsey Bear’ charity nights.

“The social side was much improved here at Heyeswood, thanks to Manco Automatics, and the good service given with regard to the residents’ needs.

“Kudos to Chris Manion for his interest and involvement – many thanks, Chris!”

Chris added: “Following Heyeswood’s initial enquiry, it has been a real joy to provide them with a pool table. It is very obvious that it quickly became a focal point for socialising.

“From pub themed nights with music and drinks, to killer pool nights, to tournaments, there’s never a dull moment at Heyeswood.

“As well as improving the fun and games at the complex, the money that they raise from the profit-share arrangement is reinvested in food and drinks for forthcoming pool nights.”

Manco are happy to give something back from our side of the pool table hire agreement too – so for a recent tournament held at the complex, we donated a presentation cue to give to the winner as a prize.

It’s our way of giving a little extra, on top of the revenue raised for the retirement complex, and the boost in morale and general fitness for the residents through regularly playing pool for fun or friendly competition.

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Fruit machines ‘a reason to stay decimal’

A letter to the Daily Echo hails fruit machines as one reason why we should never go back to imperial currency units – as suggested by a previous contributor to the publication.

David Giles had earlier suggested reverting to the old units of currency used before decimalisation, an era the new 12-sided pound coin is intended to pay respect to.

But Southampton resident D. R. Smith responded by claiming the suggestion “makes no sense whatsoever”.

He explains that decimalisation did not have an undue effect on inflation – some prices were adjusted slightly upwards, but others went down slightly under the new currency structure.

In the present day, we have coin-operated machines – including fruit machines, of course – that need only accept seven different denominations, or eight including the £2 coin.

The old pound, meanwhile, consisted of nine different denominations, including some less than a penny, and a change to any of these – like the current change to the £1 coin – could lead to a need to reconfigure slot machines nationwide.

“Just look at the disparate value and quantity of coin to make up an amount as opposed to the easy 5 and 10 division,” Mr Smith writes, “on top of which you would have the cost of converting cash machines, check-out tills, slot machines”.

Of course slot machines are not about to need to accept ha’pennies – but slot machine hire means you can rest easy that your equipment will be ready for the new £1 coin once it is launched.

Peter Kay’s Car Share Playlist Lets You Tune Your Juke box To Forever FM

Peter Kay’s Car Share may have come to the end of its drive, but juke box hire customers might be interested to learn that the complete playlist of tracks used on the in-car radio station Forever FM has now been made available by the BBC.

The broadcaster listed all 63 tracks heard in part or in full throughout the series on its Playlister service – a surprisingly high number of songs for just six episodes.

Viewers will be more aware of some than others, in particular the classic tracks given their own dream-sequence music videos each week.

But it’s a generation-spanning, crowd-pleasing selection, with everything from The B-52s’ Love Shack to OMC’s How Bizarre.

This of course is not the first time the BBC have published a complete playlist, as regular readers of our juke box hire articles will remember.

And while this time around it’s the fictional radio station Forever FM, previously the broadcaster has made available the track listing for possibly its most famous juke box, found in the Queen Vic pub in EastEnders

Pub Pool Tables To Bring Sunshine Back To Leeds

Leeds punters were bemoaning the loss of one of the city’s best-loved sun terraces earlier this year, but pub pool tables and outdoor games could soon bring back the sunshine.

The Yorkshire Evening Post’s City Buzz column reports the disappointment that accompanied the closure of The Lounge on the city’s Merrion Street.

“With summer just around the corner we were starting to panic at the thought of losing another city centre sun terrace,” the publication explains.

“But it sounds like the venue could get a revamp before the weather picks up.”

The team behind Roxy Ballroom have spoken exclusively to City Buzz, revealing plans to reopen the venue under the name Slate.

It would be a dedicated pool bar – with a combination of pub pool tables and potentially outdoor games to make the most of that much-loved sun terrace.

Jones Bar Group’s managing director Matt Jones said: “It will have a Victorian feel, to fit in with the building, and is completely different to our other ventures so far.

“The name obviously makes reference to the pool table slates, and it’s going to have seven pool tables.”

For information on pub pool table hire, contact Manco Automatics today!

How Jukebox Hire Benefits When Etiquette Turns To All-out War

You can’t please everybody all the time, and yet this is one principle that actually has the potential to make jukebox hire even more successful. When you choose the music to play in your venue, you run the risk of repelling anyone who doesn’t share your personal taste; but when you provide a jukebox and let customers choose their own songs, the same does not apply. Instead, there are unspoken rules of jukebox etiquette, as observed by Peninsula Pulse columnist, Alyssa Skiba.

She writes: “I don’t think it is a stretch to say most of us have been subject to other people’s terrible taste in music through jukeboxes and that, yes, there are some people who should never be allowed within 15 feet of them.”

But while the management’s music choices might repel customers, when there’s a jukebox, there’s a chance to strike back!

 “There are very real consequences to poor jukebox etiquette – it’s called jukebox warfare,” Ms Skiba explains.

“By the time it comes down to it … you’re all sifting through your wallets and purses trying to stick it to the other guy.”

It’s a win-win situation for jukebox hire – either the etiquette holds and everybody is kept happy, or jukebox warfare erupts and the coin slot sees even more service.