Drinkers demand the return of the jukebox

If you’re looking at ways you can enhance your bar or pub, why not consider installing a jukebox? Journalist David Wondrich from the Daily Beast has them on his wish list for 2017, alongside korn (grain spirit), Canadian grain whisky, Cordial Médoc and Italian bar snacks.

He wrote: “I love a good jukebox more than anything else a bar has to offer. If there were a watering hole that had only swill beer, not even very cold, and butterscotch schnapps, but had a working Rock-Ola with the 45 of Ripple’s 1973 classic, “I Don’t Know What It Is But It Sure Is Funky,” I would do all my drinking there.”

Wondrich isn’t the only one wishing for a jukebox in 2017, they’ve been growing in popularity over recent years and during the last quarter, they’ve become must-haves in venues of all sizes. If you want to appeal to as wide a spectrum of punters as possible why not consider having one? You can choose to hire or to buy, the decision is yours.

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Not only will having a jukebox inject some fun (especially when a classic comes on and people sing along) but it can boost your takings too. It won’t be on all the time which means that it won’t irritate those looking to just enjoy a quiet drink either.

If you want to succeed in 2017, there are other ways you can stand out from your competitors:

  • Themed nights
  • An exciting food offering – whether it’s a full menu or just interesting bar snacks.
  • A craft beer weekend – it’ll take a lot of organising but could be a huge event.
  • Pool table competitions – to hire or buy pool tables, click here >
  • Battle of the bands competition – Showcase local talent on a traditionally quiet night in the week.

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Is your pub pool table a Prince or a Winner?

When you hire a pub pool table from Manco Automatics, you have plenty of choice about what style and colour of pool table you get, but in particular you can choose from two leading models: Prince and Winner.

Prince pool tables are more traditional looking, with turned wood-effect legs and laminate casing, in a choice of finishes including traditional oak and walnut – all of which should look perfectly at home in a typical pub setting.

Winner pool tables, on the other hand, have a more ‘modern’ appearance, with angled legs and a choice of finishes you might expect to see in a sports bar or an American pool hall.

There are still wood laminates like walnut available, but also metallic aluminium and polished marble-effect surfaces that offer an eye-catching departure from the turned wood-effect pedestals of Prince pool tables.

In terms of the playing surface, both brands make excellent pub pool tables, and you have the same wide choice of fabrics from classic green to blue, red, purple, grey, black and a host of other shades.

Either brand’s pool tables can also be fitted with Simonis speed cloth, again in a variety of vivid colours, so that you can host more competitive matches and even tournaments if you wish.

You might already have a clear idea of the kind of visual style you want your hired pub pool table to have – and in many cases the classic wood finish of a Prince pool table with green baize will suit the widest range of typical British establishments.

But if you want to attract a younger crowd, or perhaps appeal to slightly more experienced pool players who follow the sport in televised tournaments, Winner pool tables could be the way to go.

You might even end up hosting a regular local league or tournament, which can be a great way to score some free publicity from the local press if you take a few photos of the winner and runners-up.

Our pub pool tables are available on a profit-share basis, so if you are not certain of what will work for you, we can advise on what we think will look best as part of your venue’s interior.

With no money at risk upfront on your part, we will then just share any profits according to the agreement – all you need to do is let us know if the pool table needs any maintenance and so on, and it should prove to be a welcome addition to your venue for your customers, and a valuable extra income stream too