Is your hotel entertaining enough?

It doesn’t matter how big or small your hotel is, or where it’s located, you must make the most of every single customer who passes through your doors. The hotel world is cutthroat and if you are to succeed where others fail, you must make the most of entertainment.

Fruit machines and pool tables

Having the right fruit machine by your bar or seating area can draw people in. Whether it’s workers on business trips, families enjoying a short break or pensioners enjoying a week-long stay, they appeal. People love showing off their competitive sides.

As well as generating an income from the machines themselves, you should also feel a benefit behind the bar as people will no doubt ask for another drink while they play. If you have room, why not trial a pool table too? You can hire both fruit machines and pool tables from Manco Automatics.

Kids activities

If you want to be known as a family-friendly hotel, you could consider having a themed play room somewhere in your hotel. The room doesn’t have to be massive and you don’t need to spend a fortune kitting it out, but a few board games, a games console, ball pool and some baby toys could go down a treat. A lick of paint and a few large character wall stickers can make a huge impact (and should you want to change the room back, the stickers can be easily removed).

Musical acts

In peak season, it could be beneficial to have a singer or comedian on. They can attract not only your guests but outsiders to come in for a few drinks and perhaps enjoy some food too. If you have a tight budget, why not see if there are any budding performers from your local college who would be willing to perform one night? A battle of the bands competition might work out well and a kids disco could prove popular in the school holidays.

Take action now

Don’t wait and see, or you could be missing out on hundreds of pounds of lost revenue. Contact Manco today to discuss the different fruit machines available to hire. They’ll be able to share their expert opinion and suggest the best machines for your clientele. If you want to hire a pool table, they could have one in situ in a matter of days.

Five Reasons Your Office Needs a Pool Table

A game of pool has been proven to improve focus, physical health and even happiness levels, which is why it’s the new office lunch-time essential. If you’re still not convinced though, take a look at our top five reasons your office needs a pool table.


  1. It’s good for your mental and physical health.

As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog on the health benefits of pool tables, playing pool is an effective form of exercise, exercising your muscles and burning calories. This is beneficial to your employees who will be fitter and healthier and also benefit you as an employer since a healthier workforce will take less time off – win-win.


  1. It helps to improve focus and boost mood.

Exercise in general produces endorphins which boost mood, this means a quick game of pool can be the perfect pick-me-up on a Monday morning to boost motivation and moral. Pool specifically has been scientifically proven to improve concentration and build focus, meaning your employees are more productive and happy – what’s not to love?


  1. It looks trendy and tells people what your company is about

You want your office to be a positive reflection of your business and what it stands for. The inclusion of a pool table in your office will tell visitors that you enjoy fun, friendly competition and creativity. Not only does a pool table reflect well on your company’s image, it also gives your office a cool trendy vibe. As discussed in a previous blog, pool tables are in demand with trend setters, therefore the addition of one in your office will ensure you’re on trend and attract the type of client and potential employees you would like.


  1. It’s a great way to unwind.

After a stressful meeting or busy day, a game of pool is the ideal way to unwind with a coworker. This will lower stress levels and help improve focus within the office, so that you and your employees will feel more at ease in the office and be able to produce higher quality pieces of work.


  1. It encourages friendly competition.

A little bit of friendly competition, never hurt anyone. In fact it is a great way to motivate staff and strengthen their friendships, which will benefit both the happiness of the team and their ability to work together more effectively.


To look at our range of pool tables or talk to a member of our expert team visit our website.

Keep winning even after the final whistle

We’re all excited for the next few weeks as Father’s Day is this Sunday and the World Cup is going to be driving punters to pubs and clubs everywhere. It’s time to celebrate as your tills will be ringing as sides do battle, but how do you keep punters in your pub once each match finishes? Here are our tips:

Make sure your food offerings are world-class

Now is the time to up your food game by adding in some extra special delights. You might already do chips/fries but how about some super-tasty toppings. They could be themed around the teams, e.g. a pizza topping for Italy, sausage and cheese for Germany, bacon and black pudding for England… the list goes on.

Other items you might want to include on your menu are sharing platters as friends can all tuck in together. These could be themed too, for instance for a France platter, you could have sliced French baguette, red grapes and a selection of cheeses. A tropical dessert platter in the shape of the Brazilian flag could go down well and some spicy tortilla chips and toppings to represent Mexico could be a winner, especially if you do some hot, hot, hot sauces for dares.

Have a pool table or two

Think about rejigging your seating arrangements and having a pool table. Once the match is over, your pool table will be in demand with friends wanting to play each other. You could have pool competitions too, perhaps with each team being allocated a different country. A World Cup pool leader board could prove to be very popular as everyone wants to be top dog.

Think about the kids

Children will be catching World Cup fever too so it can be good to have some football themed family events. If you have a decent sized beer garden you could consider having a bouncy castle, sand pit area (with a few deck chairs maybe) and some BBQs. Make your venue the destination to be this summer and it’ll prevent people from going elsewhere or staying at home.

Want to hire?

If you’d like to hire a pool table, fruit machine, digital jukebox or quiz machine, give Manco Automatics a call on 0161 870 7777 or fill out an enquiry form.