Creating an amazing common room on a budget

Colleges have closed for the summer, with students looking forward to relaxing until Results Day in August. During the holidays is the ideal time to make cosmetic and structural changes to the building and give tired rooms a mini-makeover. It’s amazing the difference a lick of paint can make.

In this blog post, we’ll give you tips and show you easy ways you can transform your common room.

Consider how the room is used

Is the current common room a popular place for students to hang out, or is it somewhere they avoid? If it isn’t used – why is this? Is it uninviting? Are the walls beige, the furniture broken and the room sparse?

Sometimes the location of the room itself can be an issue, if it’s in an area of the college that has low footfall, it might get forgotten about. Is there an unused room elsewhere that could make a better common room?

Think like a student

Put yourself in your students’ shoes. What would you like to see in the common room? Comfortable seating is a must. A basic kitchen in the corner so they can make themselves a hot drink and some toast would be popular addition.

There will need to be at least one table that they can use to study on (or eat), but the common room will mainly be used for students wanting to socialise and relax between lessons. Friendships will be formed in the common room so why not have a pool table? It can be a great ice breaker and encourage students to have a bit of friendly competition.

It needn’t cost you a penny. We will be happy to supply a table on a profit share basis, thus creating a guaranteed revenue for you to finance even more fun and games in your common room. They’re available in a range of colours and styles. They’re bound to be a big hit with both new and returning students.

Inspire you students

You could have a wall of fame on one of the common room’s walls, with photos of past students who have gone on to have amazing careers. Quotes from famous sportspeople and inspirational celebrities could also help give your students a boost.

Let your imagination run riot and create an exciting room… your students will be so grateful and it will be a real talking point in September.

Music consultation gives pubs the blues … but we could help

Do you own/run a pub? A fee consultation is currently taking place that could leave a bad taste in your mouth. The music licencing company (PPL) believe that fees need to be raised for the specially featured entertainment tariff (SFE).

The current fee has been in place for thirty years. If you play music for just an hour and there are only a handful of punters you’re already expected to pay £2.25 in tax, which is a lot.

The SFE tariff applies to the playing of recorded music at events such as discos and DJ nights and affects nightclubs, pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants and hotels. Many are predicting that the fee will increase substantially which could make things difficult for your business.

Many establishments could be forced to cut down or stop their music and disco nights – which could have huge implications on their turnover and profit.

What can be done?

The SFE are asking for feedback so take a look at their consultation report and let them know how you feel. You can do this by clicking here >

Now is the time to act.

Is there anyway I could get around any changes?

Having a video jukebox could help you avoid having to pay the fee, as your punters will be in control and the music won’t be on continuously for hours at a time.

Hiring a digital jukebox to position by your bar or elsewhere in your pub or club could cost less than you think and generate extra income too. Speak to Manco Automatics today by calling us on 0161 870 7777 or by filling out our contact form. We could have one in situ in a matter of days.