Pub pool tables and quiz machines bring in the punters in Dry January

As we move into January, pub pool tables and quiz machines can be a great way to add something new to your pub for the new calendar year, while giving customers an extra reason to come and visit during the remaining weeks of winter.

The new year can see a slump in pub patron numbers as the holiday rush gives way to Dry January, when some people choose to go alcohol-free for a month, as well as general New Year’s resolutions relating to health, diet and tightening of belts.

But pubs offer plenty of health-conscious options, from fresh fruit juices and smoothies, to calorie-controlled menu options, and a good range of entertainment that can entice patrons out of the house on the darker winter evenings.

For many customers, it’s a case of enjoying facilities that they don’t have at home – whether that’s a warmer, cosier setting, open fireplaces and comfy seating, or entertainment like pub pool tables, quiz machines and juke boxes.

Of course all of those things are beneficial for the pub too, as they bring in more repeat visits by regulars, passing trade and represent a direct additional revenue stream derived from the profits of each coin-operated entertainment machine.


What entertainment machines should I put in my pub?

Pub pool tables are always popular, especially if you are in an area where coin-operated pool tables are relatively scarce, and you can easily see 50p or £1 per game dropped every few minutes over the course of a busy evening – with some customers staying for food and drink for as long as there’s a pool table to play on.

Even customers who are not currently playing a frame of pool can stay for longer, as many put their money down on the table and then stay until it is their turn to play.

We can help you to work out if you have the floor space for a full-sized pub pool table, and we have seven-foot and six-foot pool tables so there’s some flexibility to be found there too.

Fruit machines are another great source of revenue and take up less floor space, and again we can help you to understand what you are allowed to have on-site in order to comply with regulations, as well as where to place your fruit machines or quiz machines.

Last but by no means least, a pub juke box can be a fantastic addition. Wall-mounted with minimal footprint required, regularly updated via network connection, and again a source of more revenue than you might think as patrons often queue more and more songs on to the upcoming playlist.

Should I put a pool table in my hotel?

A good hotel gives patrons somewhere comfortable to stay the night, but a great hotel gives them somewhere to stay in the daytime too, and this is where entertainment like coin-op pool tables, fruit machines and quiz machines can play a part.

Most good-sized hotels have a dedicated bar area, or at least a bar-restaurant, yet these can go largely unused throughout the day, with the exception of the main mealtimes and a late rush on drinks by patrons returning from other establishments.

By introducing familiar forms of entertainment, such as pub fruit machines and quiz machines, as well as coin-op pool tables that can be used by guests of all ages, you introduce new revenue streams, while also making sure that your customers see your premises as somewhere they can spend more of the evening.


Profit-share pool tables

Our profit-share pool tables are a low to no-risk way to add some extra entertainment to your hotel bar or lounge and mean that all you need to provide upfront is the space where the pool table can go.

By operating on a profit-share arrangement, instead of paying a monthly fee to hire a pool table from us, instead you pay us a percentage of the money it takes – and keep the rest for yourself.

This gives you a direct income stream from the pool table itself, but the total financial benefit of profit-share pool tables can be higher than that, thanks to the indirect revenue streams like food, drink and other on-premises spend by guests who might otherwise go elsewhere.


Hotel pool tables help your popularity

Hotel pool tables don’t have to just be for overnight guests – if your bar area offers a more traditional and familiar pub-style environment, you’re more likely to get walk-in customers just looking for a drink or something to eat.

Again the entertainment you offer is crucial to engaging with passing trade, and each option has its own benefits. Fruit machines and quiz machines can make sound, but generally it is their bright lights and animated graphics that appeal.

Hotel pool tables are unique in the noise they make – the satisfying thud of balls dropping into pockets, which can help your hotel to sound busier and generally more alive.

If you have a space or can clear one just by moving a few tables around, a hotel pool table is well worth considering as an addition to any entertainment or leisure area – call us today on 0161 870 7777 to find out more about our work with hotels and the best pool table for your premises.