Pub fruit machines put the cherry on your vegan cake

We supply pub fruit machines to all kinds of establishments, from traditional local boozers to gastropubs and microbreweries that sell on-premises too.

One niche that is rapidly becoming more mainstream is vegan pubs, which play an important role in allowing vegans to enjoy a night out in the knowledge that the food and drink served to them supports their lifestyle choices.

This is about more than just a dairy-free, vegetarian menu, as many alcoholic drinks, along with other beverages, meals and bar snacks, can contain a wide variety of different animal-derived ingredients and processes.

In May 2019, Mintel’s ‘Pub Visiting’ report noted a growing number of pubs that are increasing their vegan-friendly product range, and this includes venues that take the extra step by deciding to only stock vegan food and drinks.

So if you’re going animal-free, our pub fruit machines are the perfect form of entertainment – the clue’s in the name!

Traditional fruit machines are naturally vegan-friendly, with their reels filled with images of cherries, lemons and other delicious fruits that might even help to drive sales of bar snacks among your fruitarian customers.

Completely free pub fruit machine hire

If you’re opening a new vegan pub and you want to minimise your setup costs without missing out on revenues from entertainment, our completely free pub fruit machine hire could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

We can deliver and install pub fruit machines to your premises with no setup costs or long-term contracts, so if you’re taking a gamble on opening a vegan pub in a new area or an untested market, you can reduce your risk.

You get a reliable additional revenue stream thanks to the long-term house edge on each
slot machine we supply, and we share the profits – so we only make money when you make
It’s a great way to offer some on-premises entertainment to your vegan customers and their friends, helping your venue to look like a fully fledged traditional pub on its opening day or following a vegan-friendly refurb.

Pub slot machines offer customers a range of benefits. It's not just about cash prizes -there’s entertainment value in playing a losing game too, and you’ll often see groups of friends crowded around the machine to offer advice on the best tactics and features to claim.

With jackpots from £100 to £500, our pub fruit machines have the promise of substantial payouts for lucky players, while retaining a reliable house edge over the long term, so that there are plenty of revenues for you and profits for us to share in too.