Add a pool table to your holiday home or cottage

Many people would love to have a pool table at home, but it’s not always possible to devote the space to a proper pub pool table in your own home.

But putting a pool table in a holiday home or cottage makes a lot of sense, whether for your own enjoyment or for the entertainment of paying guests.

A pub pool table can be the centrepiece of a games room and makes a real selling point when taking bookings from families and groups like stag parties.

Reasons to put a pool table in a holiday home

There are lots of different reasons to put a pool table in a holiday home:

  • Attract families and larger group bookings
  • Create on-site entertainment in remote locations
  • Use a holiday cottage as an employee perk

It’s a list that goes on and on, but already you can see the broad appeal that comes with having a pool table right there in your holiday home.

This not only increases your chances of taking bookings if you rent out your holiday cottage, but also potentially allows you to raise your rent.

Promote your pool table

If you decide to install a pool table in your holiday home, make sure you mention it in your listing on booking sites.

Leading booking sites like Holiday Cottage Compare even allow users to filter their search to only show properties with a games room or pool table – so having one in place will help you to make the cut.

With the option of fixed monthly rental fees when you hire a pool table from Manco Automatics, you know exactly what your expenses will be and can set the pool table to free vend if you wish, rather than asking guests to pay per game.

Remember the consumables

Once your holiday home pool table is in place, make sure you check on the consumables, including the condition of the cues and tips, and how much chalk you have left.

At Manco Automatics we include many of the consumable items at no additional cost, so if you’d like to know more about how we can keep your holiday cottage pool table fully stocked with everything you need, just ask.

Pool tables are a great option in all kinds of entertainment spaces, from holiday homes to staff rooms and university common rooms – if you have any of these or a similar location to fit out, give Manco a call on 0161 870 7777 and we’ll be happy to help.

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