The bad-tempered gaming machines are back for another six-part series with the renewal of E4’s Bad Robots prank show.

In the show, unsuspecting members of the public encounter all kinds of malevolent machines, from pub quiz machines to car park ticket vendors that run away when you reach for the ticket.

The show is made by Objective Productions – who previously used Manco gaming machines as props in their series Fresh Meat.

In Bad Robots, the fictional company logo on the unruly machines is TezCorp Industries, and their ‘computerised’ voices are actually provided by performers including Rob Delaney and stage legend Sir Michael Gambon.

Laura Riseam, Channel 4 commissioner, said: “We are so pleased with the success of the first series and can’t wait to unleash the troublemaking machines on the unknowing public once again.”

As you might imagine, some of the language used by the victims of the show is fruitier than your local pub’s slot machine.

But thankfully the family-friendly version of the show, dubbed ‘Bad-ish Robots’ and scheduled for a pre-watershed slot, is also making a return, so parents with young children can enjoy a slightly cleaned-up version of the series too.