Bingo! How gaming machines help get you a full house

The UK land-based bingo industry has undergone plenty of changes over the past decade or more, with challenges from online gambling and the rise of fixed-odds terminals, but gaming machines from traditional low-tech legacy machines to modern digital machines can help you to flesh out your offering and attract a younger crowd too.

Bingo in the early 2000s shook off its old image of pensioners in a hushed hall, with more of a party atmosphere, big-money link games and events to attract the younger generations in each family.

The market has continued to mature since then, and bingo halls have now found a second revenue stream as a social destination, especially for big celebrations like hen nights, workplace outings, birthdays and anniversaries.

With this new, younger crowd, your venue will thrive best by catering for a broader selection of tastes, and by offering alternative forms of gambling and entertainment for in between the main bingo games.

Gaming machines are the perfect way to do that – providing entertainment to individuals and small groups, without requiring any direct human interaction from your staff, and with the ability to keep people engaged whether they are playing or just watching from nearby.

Manco has been maintaining gaming machines in bingo halls for nearly 50 years. During that time, we have acquired incredible knowledge and experience of maintaining and operating gaming machines in the bingo environment. Data retrieval, networked machines, community gaming are but a few of the modern developments in bingo gaming that we at Manco deal with on a daily basis.

The machines that you operate benefit your club on a number of levels, first by engaging customers already on your premises, so that they stay longer and spend more, while also attracting more members to join so that they can enjoy all of your facilities, from your gaming machines to your live bingo games, bar area and any food you might serve too.

Together, these advantages are helping to support a revitalised land-based bingo market, with plenty of potential for the future as the current younger generation’s own children reach maturity.

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