What is the Gambling Commission and why is Manco part of it?

The Gambling Commission is the regulatory body for UK gambling activities, which includes everything from bingo halls to bookmakers, and some categories of gaming machines like those supplied by Manco Automatics Ltd.

In order to be allowed to supply gaming machines legally, companies must be licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission – and you’ll be glad to hear Manco Automatics Ltd are fully licensed as required.

You can check this on the Gambling Commission website: click the ‘Find licensees’ tab at the top-right, and then click the link to ‘use the operator search to find licensees’.

Type ‘Manco’ in the licensee name box and click ‘Search’ to see our record, complete with our head office address, Gambling Commission reference number, and our licensed activities (a non-remote technical supplier of gaming machines).

You’ll see that our reference matches the full Gambling Commission licence number displayed on our website: 000-005661-D-101615-002.

Why does this matter? Well, the Gambling Commission has several key functions, including making sure that gambling in the UK is fair and takes place ‘in the open’.

Regulation also helps to make sure that vulnerable individuals and children are protected from harm, and keeps crime out of the UK gambling sector.

A licensed operator that fails to protect vulnerable people is likely to find their licence revoked very quickly, while any sanctions imposed on licensees are also displayed as part of their record on the Gambling Commission website.

More importantly though, if a gaming machine supplier is not licensed by the Gambling Commission, it is likely that they are breaking the law by providing equipment for your premises, which potentially leaves you at risk of legal action too.

In such circumstances, you should inform the Gambling Commission immediately – and then contact Manco Automatics Ltd to enquire about ordering replacement gaming machines that are fully legal, licensed and regulated.