Challenges and opportunities for the pub and club trade in 2017

Pubs and clubs have had a rollercoaster ride in recent years, but for those that have weathered the storm, 2017 is likely to bring a return to better conditions.

After a challenging 2016, many Britons are looking to have some good simple fun, and the UK’s pubs are renowned the world over as being a uniquely British place to relax with friends.

To really make the most of this, pubs and clubs need to be ready to embrace new customers, with enough entertainment to keep people occupied when they need something more to do than just sit, drink and chat.

Pub gaming machines are the perfect way to do this, and even just a few fruit machines placed around your bar area will soon engage customers and start adding to your takings too.

But to cater for a larger audience, there are other options to consider, such as pub pool tables which can entertain two players, or four playing doubles, plus their spectators.

Quiz machines also tend to attract groups rather than individuals, and there’s no limit on the number of people you’ll see huddled around these gaming machines, as long as they can all see the screen!

And finally, jukeboxes are a sure bet in the most literal sense, as customers who don’t like gambling can instead put their money in the jukebox and know exactly what they will get in return.

They give you some insight into the kind of music your patrons most want to hear, put your customers in direct control of it, and have the further advantage that when one person pays into a jukebox, everybody gets to enjoy the music.

With many pub fruit machines and pool tables available on profit-sharing arrangements, rather than a fixed rental fee, you don’t have to face the challenge of paying upfront until you are certain of how much profit your gaming machines will make over the long term.

This makes them a win-win for you, just like the jukebox is for your customers – a no-risk investment with the promise of an immediate return.

Whatever the next 12 months might bring for British pubs and clubs, you won’t get too many opportunities to make a positive return from a no-risk investment.

And there’s no better time to install pub gaming machines than in the brief post-Christmas lull, so they are ready to welcome your customers back once the turkey has settled and the tinsel is packed away.

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