Employee entertainment

It doesn’t matter whether you have five employees or five hundred, if you want your business to be successful, you should do all you can to make your employees feel valued and appreciated. One way of doing this, is to make sure that the working environment you offer, is appealing and meets the needs of all your employees.

Game of pool anyone? 

The best companies to work for, have communal areas for their workers that allow them to take time out and have fun. Whether it’s a corner of your office, or a separate room, why not have a pool table, table tennis table and some comfy seating? It can make a big difference to employee morale and can be a place everyone enjoys visiting, whether it’s for ten minutes, or their full lunch hour. If you have a large canteen or kitchen area, fitting in a pool table or TV with games console shouldn’t be a problem.

Having a communal area, that appeals to your workers’ inner child, and allows them to have some healthy competition, can benefit both their physical and mental wellbeing. You don’t want employees to be chained to their desks, so why not hire a pool table today? It doesn’t cost very much to do so. Give us a call on 0161 870 7777 and we can arrange a pool table for you pronto.

Décor matters

As well as thinking of how employees can be entertained in the communal area, you should spend time considering the décor and how you can make it feel different to the rest of the workspace. If the rest of the workspace is relatively bland and business-like, you want to try to be more creative and fresh in the communal area, so that employees see it as a place of retreat and escape. Why not consider some bold prints on your seating or a statement wall that packs a punch? Having some framed photos of your team can be nice touch, and a noticeboard to post up information about events coming up too.

If you want to get the most from your communal area, ask employees what they’d like, and let them feel involved. You never know, they might be up for decorating the area after work one night, if you provide the drinks!

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