Entertainment for young adult pubs and clubs

There’s a growing trend in the north-west and beyond for pubs and clubs for young adults, giving people in their late teens somewhere to go have fun.

Venues like Roxy Ball Room in Manchester are still over-18s only, but they offer more than just a place to sit and drink.

While they and others like them, such as Warrington’s Fat Cat Ball Room, may serve craft beers, cocktails and other alcoholic drinks, they offer a more rounded and rich experience.

That includes a range of entertainment that varies between establishments but includes things like:

It’s not just a good way to help young people enjoy their afternoons and evenings out, but it’s also an excellent way for venues to diversify what they offer in a competitive market.

And in an era when customers are much more likely to be asked for proof of age, it’s a good way for 18-year-olds to start going out to licensed premises without feeling like they have to drink excessive amounts of alcohol.

How to add entertainment to smaller pubs and clubs

Not everyone has room for an 18-hole mini golf course or international competition standard shuffleboards, but there are ways to add entertainment to small pubs and clubs too.

Some of these still take up a certain amount of floor space, but there are wall-mounted options that need little to no space in real terms.

Pub pool tables obviously take up a physical footprint plus cue clearance around them, so we can help you to decide if you have a space big enough to fit one in.

It’s still worth considering, as they can be an incredibly popular addition to your premises and may be worth sacrificing a few tables for, even in smaller venues.

Fruit machines and quiz machines are very efficient in terms of floor space, thanks to their upright shape and players’ tendency to stand rather than sit at them.

Jukeboxes can be even more efficient as they just mount on a spare section of wall to add instant entertainment value, along with interactive options like pub quizzes and bingo.

Finally, traditional pull-tab machines can be mounted in a little-used space like a hallway or corridor and give players the chance of an instant win, creating a new revenue stream in a part of your premises that normally goes unused completely

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