Five types of entertainment machine to add profit and pleasure to your premises

We all want to be entertained on a night out, but if you’re a club owner or pub manager, how do you decide between all the different types of on-premises entertainment machines that are out there?

Here are the five main types of entertainment machines for pubs and clubs provided by Manco, and a look at how each differs from the others.


Pub fruit machines


Pub fruit machines are all about entertainment value, with plenty of features and extended gameplay, along with reasonable jackpots that can realistically be won.

With note feeders, they can accept relatively large stakes, but the features and theming help to make sure that there’s still plenty of enjoyment for the player during longer sessions.

Thanks to our profit-share arrangements, pub fruit machines can be installed without a rental outlay for you as the host venue, and we simply split any earnings in line with the terms of the agreement.


Pull tab machines


Elite pull tab machines offer an alternative for instant win gratification and the prospect of cash prizes with a variety of stake levels.

Multi-column pull tab machines can be configured with individual ticket prices for each column and again are available with banknote validators for higher stakes and multiple purchases.


Quiz machines


Quiz machines are a great social option, allowing groups of players to crowd around and chip in answers or pool their knowledge, and again offer prolonged gameplay with a fairly small initial stake for the customer.

Because it takes skill to win – including having the necessary knowledge to correctly answer quiz questions – these are classified as ‘skill with prizes’ machines rather than as games of chance.

Networked machines also allow you to join up with nationwide scoreboards and tournaments, or install new updates, question packs and entirely new game titles via an internet connection.


Pub pool tables


Pub pool tables are a good way to provide entertainment without the gambling element, as there is no expectation of a cash prize when customers start a game, which in turn means no payouts to offset against your profits.

A pub pool table is another excellent social option for clubs, whether for individual players to go head-to-head, or for larger groups to play doubles or take it in turns – and the pool table in any reasonably popular venue is rarely left out of use for long.




Finally, jukeboxes again offer a different form of entertainment value, without any cash prizes to pay out, by putting your customers in control of the music they hear while in your pub, club or other venue.

It’s a good way to keep people engaged in their own entertainment and can help to retain customers for longer while they wait for their song to come on, in addition to the direct profit made by their payment for each song credit upfront.

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