You might associate football more with our quiz machine hire services than our slot machine hire – and after topping the Championship with 90 points in 2014-15, Bournemouth are likely to be a quiz question in the years to come.

But in the more immediate future, the fruit machines of Bournemouth’s amusement arcades could see a big pickup in demand, especially when the team are at home in the upcoming Premier League season.

Writing in the Guardian’s football column ‘The Fiver’, Gregg Bakowski explains that he is looking forward to hitting the arcades when he visits Bournemouth for football fixtures in the coming year.

He admits that staying up will be a big task for the club – but that they are “Premier League-ready” with good financing, giving them a fighting chance.

“As for The Fiver, well, we’ll just be happy to enjoy a go on the penny-slot machines and a grand old day out,” he adds.

For venues anywhere with a connection to sports – even if it’s just showing football on TV – slot machine hire is a great way to round off your mix of entertainment on match days, so fans both home and away can put a few pennies (or pounds) of their own in the slots before, during and after the match.