How gaming machines can combat customer boredom

gaming machines

Gaming machines can be a valuable way of preventing your customers from feeling bored, while boosting your earnings in the process.

The takings of pub fruit machines can add substantially to your profits; however, the usefulness of gaming machines can go far beyond that in terms of their overall economic benefit.

Writing in Frontiers in Psychology, Andreas Elpidorou of the University of Louisville in the USA explains that some people are prone to boredom.

He notes: “When one is bored one is not content with one’s situation. The state of boredom is one from which we seek to escape.”

“Furthermore, while bored one has a desire, often quite strong, to engage in a different and more satisfying activity,” he adds.

Gaming machines offer an alternative activity to keep customers occupied without them leaving your premises and going elsewhere.

But in fact, the bright colours of pub fruit machines can be enough to provide people with a distraction from their boredom, even if they do not decide to play.

For this reason, the overall impact fruit machines have on your premises can reach far beyond the number of people who put money in the slot – they can encourage all of your customers to stay for longer, without feeling bored.

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