Gaming machines are among the selling points for what have been described as Canterbury’s “ten cheapest pubs” for local students from Canterbury Christchurch and the University of Kent.

The Canterbury Times posted its shortlist of ten of the best earlier this month, giving local academics more pint for their pence.

Understandably for students, price came first on the wish list – “paying over £4 for a pint just isn’t viable if you are a student” – followed by atmosphere, and finally the product range.

Top of the list at number one was New Inn, at 19 Havelock Street, described as “Canterbury’s best all-round pub”.

New Inn gained praise for its beer garden and board games, its quiz machine, its beer festival in late May, and its fine selection of beers on tap.

The suggestion is a valuable reminder of how quiz machines and other gaming machines are welcome even in areas where the price of beer itself must be kept low to serve the local market.

With quiz machine hire, pubs especially in student areas could benefit from a lucrative additional income stream, without pricing themselves out of the market on the pumps.