This year has been probably the most difficult ever for many
businesses in the hospitality sector, but the New Year holds the promise of a
brighter future as the COVID-19 vaccines reach an ever-increasing proportion of
the UK and global population.

As we look ahead to 2021, it’s time to be both optimistic
and realistic, and to prepare to make the most of new opportunities that emerge
over the coming 12 months.

It’s still hard to know exactly what will happen, but in a
year’s time the hospitality sector should be in a much stronger position – so
let’s all do the groundwork now to help make sure that happens.

Stay safe and clean

The pandemic has heightened customer awareness of cleanliness
and hygiene, so make these a hallmark of your operations for the future.

You can carry out simple tasks like cleaning quiz machine screens and giving pub fruit machines a wipe down regularly – even during opening hours so punters can see your staff doing it.

Most coin-op machines are built of materials that are easy
to clean, especially if you do so regularly, so this can become a real selling
point for the foreseeable future.

Add more entertainment

For a lot of people, the overriding emotion of 2020 has been
boredom. Extraverts have faced being furloughed from work and banned from
seeing family and friends.

Once restrictions are lifted, we’re likely to see a lot more
people taking advantage of local amenities and looking for ways to stay entertained
while they’re out for the evening.

Add as many options as possible to your premises. Pub fruit machines, quiz machines and pool tables are the obvious, but take a look at our instant-win pull tab machines too.

Put your jukebox to work

A modern digital pub jukebox does a lot, lot more than just play music – it can be the heart of your weekly entertainment schedule.

Download the latest chart releases, complete with music
videos, and link to speakers and screens around your premises so punters can
enjoy their chosen songs no matter where they are sat.

Your jukebox and screens can also display adverts for any
upcoming sports fixtures – another thing many people have missed during
lockdown – to draw in more of a crowd for live events.

Finally, a digital pub jukebox can play automated pub
quizzes and bingo, so you can schedule even more entertainment throughout the

Let’s make 2021 count

We’ve all got a lot of living to do, to catch up on missed
opportunities during this difficult year, so let’s make 2021 the best it can
be, whatever happens.

Until then, we all at Manco Automatics would like to wish
our customers a very merry Christmas, health and prosperity for the New Year.