Is your Student Union making the grade?

Is your Student Union making the grade?

When students are deciding which university they want to go to, it’s not just the courses and grades they look at. They want to experience the best of student life, and the Student Union has a big part to play.

Every year, the University Review Website Student Crowd names the top Student Union in the UK. This year, 7,849 students rated their own Student Union experience out of five stars, helping to name the top 20 student unions.

The Top 5 Student Unions for 2018 were:

Loughborough University – 4.88 stars

University of Sheffield – 4.82 stars

University of Dundee – 4.75 stars

University of Leeds – 4.60 stars

Cardiff University – 4.48 stars

How to boost your chances for next year

Loughborough University SU must be delighted to have topped the table but they, and all the SUs in the list will have to keep thinking of innovative ways to keep their students happy. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are our top tips…

  • Pool tables

Whether you place a couple in the bar area or in the SU coffee shop/chill out room, pool tables can be a great addition. They can help make the SU even more of a meeting place as friendships are made over the pool table. A weekly or monthly competition could be just the ticket, especially if you have a leaders board on display, pitting different courses against each other.

Renting a table could cost less than you think and there are so many colour schemes and designs to choose from when you rent from Manco Automatics.

  • Music

Students love music, whether it’s a live band playing or a digital jukebox. They want to be given the choice of choosing the music they’re listening to – so let them, by installing a digital jukebox. It will cater for the wide spectrum of music tastes as it has thousands of tracks in its library. Digital jukeboxes can be hired too, for less than you ever imagined a week.

  • Fruit machines

A way of entertaining students and earning some extra revenue for your SU. You could put one by your bar or in the corridor outside your club area, for students to have a go while they’re waiting to go inside.

Let’s have a chat

We’ve got loads more ideas. To chat to us about how we can help you make your SU the place to be, give us a ring on 0161 870 7777 or fill in our enquiry form.

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