J-Lo shares mom’s success on the fruit machines

jloThe reels of fruit machines up and down the UK could be spinning more often following a headline-grabbing anecdote from actress and singer Jennifer Lopez.

Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon recently, J-Lo explained how, back in 2004, she received an unexpected telephone call from her mother.

Mom – full name Guadalupe Rodriguez – had been playing the fruit machines at the Borgata casino in Atlantic City.

J-Lo immediately knew something was strange because of her mother’s uncharacteristically calm demeanour, which soon gave way to screaming as she revealed she had just won $2.4 million.

Jimmy Fallon responded with his own anecdote – revealing that he won $200 on the same brand of fruit machines in Atlantic City on the same night.

“You know, my mom would say that you warmed it up for her,” said J-Lo. “It’s crazy slot-talk.”

Of course UK pub fruit machines and club fruit machines don’t offer progressive jackpots on such a scale, but three-figure top prizes are common place.

And Fallon revealed that his own three-figure win, shared with his father, was enough for them to go home feeling like champions – a feeling any British slots jackpot winner probably knows well.

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