Keep customers entertained on bank holiday weekends with a jukebox

Bank holiday season is upon us with the long Easter weekend followed very quickly by May Day and the Spring bank holiday – so it’s the perfect time to consider installing a jukebox to keep customers entertained and on your premises for longer.

A jukebox is a family friendly option if you’re expecting to have more children on your premises during bank holiday weekends, as there’s no gambling involved, so you don’t have to worry about restricting access to only people who are 18 or over.

It’s also fast for people to use, as it can take from just a few seconds to a couple of minutes to place multiple song selections, after which the machine is freed up for the next paying customer to add their songs to the playlist.

Finally of course, jukeboxes add entertainment throughout your premises, as the songs customers choose play out over your speaker systems.

This can mean the music played is a better fit for what people actually want to hear, and it can also create some fun moments when a song comes on that your regular customers are not impressed by!


Jukebox options from Manco

We have a few different jukebox options to choose from, and the main question is whether you want to play just the music, or also the pop videos for the songs people select.

If you have screens throughout your venue, a video jukebox is a great option and can justify charging people more for each song selection.

Because of this, our two main options are:

  • Audio-only sound systems.
  • Linked video jukeboxes.

We can help you to get set up with screens and projectors if you need to install new equipment to show videos.

Our video jukeboxes also have the ability to display advertising graphics on your screens, further increasing the revenue potential for your business.


Ask us about jukebox installation

Our engineers have worked on jukebox installation at many venues across Greater Manchester and the north-west, from the jukebox itself, to a network connection to download new songs, to screens and projectors for video jukeboxes.

To find out more about jukebox installation, contact Manco Automatics today and we can schedule installation to catch as much of your extra bank holiday custom as possible.

This is a very busy time of year and the earnings potential is huge as we head into summer, so call us today on 0161 870 7777 and we will schedule your jukebox installation as soon as possible.

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