The ‘king’ of pool tables helps mark Elvis’s 80th

elvisJanuary 8th 2015 would have been Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday, and a very special pool table is among the memorabilia on show at the O2 to mark the occasion.

Elvis at the O2 opened on December 12th and runs until August 31st, but the King’s birthday is bound to have brought him to mind for many people.

In the case of his pool table, it is not only Elvis who provides a major musical connection for the piece – it is who he played against as well.

When the Beatles visited Elvis at his home in 1965, the sight of a pool table was an amazement – like having a nightclub in your own home.

Elvis’s manager Joe Esposito arranged the meeting, and later recalled the impression left on the Beatles by Presley’s pool table and jukebox.

It’s a reminder of how unusual and prestigious such things once were – but now, pub pool tables and juke box hire have made them familiar objects to many people.

With rental agreements designed to suit your business, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have them in your own establishment; you might just bear witness to a historic frame being played within your own four walls.

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