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You’ve probably seen this logo around, but who are we, what do we do and who do we do it for?

If you’re associated with or run a private members club, such as an armed services or local football club or if you run a pub, bingo hall or bar in or around Manchester chances are you’ll already know the logo above and may have even worked with us. If not, this blog post might just make it so.

If you’re a member of, or run, a student union, college or sixth form common room, or if you’re a café owner or run a retirement home then this blog could really help you too.

Why? Let us explain…..

Manco Automatics provide profit generating fruit machines, gaming machines, pool tables, quiz machines and juke boxes for hire to a wide range of businesses and organisations, some of which you might not even expect. We’ve been at the heart of business in Manchester and our surrounding areas for nearly 40 years, and as the gaming and fruit machine market has developed over those years, so have we.

From our humble beginnings we’ve developed our range of services and machines to be one of the most comprehensive in the country, all of which are proven to provide our clients with an extra reason to attract new and returning customers and grow their own revenue streams.  We back this up with market leading, ultra reliable maintenance and competitive costs, making us first choice for most.

Ever wondered how you can further engage your customers or help to destress staff or pupils? We probably have the answer in the form of a profit generating gaming machine or pool table.

Club & Pub Fruit Machines

  • Category B4 – Cash prizes up to £400.
  • Category B3a – Cash prizes up to £500.
  • Category C – Cash prizes up to £100.

Category B4 machines are the most common in clubs, and if your club falls below the de minimis limit for VAT, which it almost certainly does, you will be able to reclaim any tax paid to the fruit machine hire provider.

You can have up to three Category B4 machines installed on your premises, and to boost takings we would recommend opting for machines with a note recycler fitted, allowing them not only to take payment using notes, but to pay out prizes in paper money too.

Pub and Club Fruit Machine Hire, Manchester


Paying out cash prizes up to a maximum of £100, Category C machines, most commonly used in pubs, are a must in terms of customer expectation and licensee profit.

This category of fruit machine thrives upon the innovation of the manufacturers developing new games to keep players interested and challenged. It is essential that pubs monitor the performance of their machines and react when interest in their current models begin to fall.

The vast majority of free pubs will fall below the de-minimiss value for VAT, and will thus be able to reclaim all the VAT paid to their provider for the supply of said machines.

Pool Tables

Whether you require a contemporary table or traditional pool table, we can create a bespoke table to suit the style of you venue

We supply the highly versatile Supreme Prince and Winner range of pool tables.

Pool Tables Blog ImagePool Table Blog 2


Price to Play

We can provide you with either electronic or mechanical coin validators set to a price of play to suit your clientele.

Table Size

We supply either 6’ or 7’ tables. But remember that, when choosing your table, a 4’ perimeter around the table is required for comfortable play.

So now you know where you’ve seen our logo, and probably our vans too, and we’ve explained a bit about how we can help raise your profits and customer, staff or pupil engagement, why not give us a call for some free consultation.

Thanks for reading – The Manco Team

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