Manco gaming machines: As seen on TV

As seen on TV

For any company, being asked to supply a TV show is always an honour, andĀ if you’ve watched much TV in the past year or two, you’ve probably seen Manco gaming machines and other equipment without even realising it.

Manco gaming machines have appeared in Pot Noodle adverts – specifically for the Bombay Bad Boy flavour – and also in the series Fresh Meat, where we supplied Objective Productions with a gaming machine to use as a prop.

In Mount Pleasant it was our pool table hire services that were required, again to help put the real thing in place for use as a prop and set dressing.

But it’s not only our gaming machine and pool table hire that has made it on to the screen – did you know we also supply gym equipment?

If you saw The Big Quiz – Benidorm vs. The Only Way Is Essex, you’re likely to have seen one of our treadmills.

TOWIE’s Arg was given the task of running on our treadmill while singing That’s Amore – probably the best thing we’ve seen any of our gym equipment do on TV as of yet!

And finally, if you saw the Alien sort-of prequel Prometheus, Charlize Theron’s svelte figure may have caught your eye, but spare a thought for her body double.

We know how hard her stunt stand-in had to work to match Theron’s body shape, because we provided the treadmill she used to match the Hollywood star’s physique!

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