The next generation of gaming machine hire


As customer tastes change, slot machine hire keeps pace with the demands of the market – and sometimes that hurts, like when we had to decommission a Bar 7 slot machine in Preston last month after many years of faithful service.

But times march on. An Associated Press report recently noted how generational gaps can mean different players want different things from gaming machines.

For older players, traditional slot machine hire – press a button to spin the reels – is often enough, but younger players seem to be looking for more. This has lead to the introduction of video gaming machines where the variety of games is almost limitless.

The introduction of video gaming machines has lead to some interesting developments across the pond, where America has created games where the player wins the right to play through their own skill, but their chance of winning is still random.

For example, you might have to complete a challenge, or answer a question correctly, to earn the right to roll a virtual dice, spin a wheel, or play a conventional slot machine governed by chance.

The AP adds that reaching both generations is also possible in traditional slot machines, where rather than changing the gameplay, the game itself is simply themed around a movie or comicbook franchise that appeals to younger players. In that regard, I think the Americans are way behind the times. How many popular culture themed UK games can you think of? Here’s a few to get you started:- Aliens, Star Wars, Dr Who, Coronation Street, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and of course, Deal Or No Deal.

In either instance, it’s a reminder of how gaming machine manufacturers are always ahead of the curve – making sure that each new machine continues to attract players of all ages to put their coin in the slot.

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