slot machinesIf you’re interested in slot machine hire, you might be keen to learn more about the type of person who is likely to play on your machine.

Recently published research in the academic journal International Gambling Studies sheds some light on this, based on a study of Norwegian adolescents.

The research was particularly interested in the factors that encourage people to start gambling in the first place, hence the decision to target relatively young participants.

Over 2,000 people of both genders responded to a postal questionnaire, and while their age meant most were in full-time schooling, a fifth also had part-time jobs.

The researchers found broad agreement that people should be free to decide for themselves whether they want to gamble or not, and that doing so is “not a fool’s game”.

Individuals with family and friends who approve of gambling are more likely to approve of it themselves – a case of ‘peer approval’ more than of ‘peer pressure’, and described as “the strongest correlation by far”.

The study also found men more likely to feel favourable towards gambling, along with those with more knowledge about it, and ‘sensation seekers’ such as those who would seek out an exotic holiday.

So once you arrange your own slot machine hire, you are likely to see your machine played on mostly by thrill-seeking men with past experience of gambling – which is perhaps the outcome many people might have predicted.