When it comes to entertaining your punters, you should consider having a pool table or two. They are so popular in pubs and clubs of all sizes and types. Students love them, millennials love them, xennials love them… the list goes on. They’re definitely not just popular with the older generation!

Why do people like playing pool?

For those who have demanding jobs and are feeling stressed or those who simply want to unwind, playing pool can be a great release. Pool encourages people to be more social and have a bit of friendly competition. Many of the Best Companies to work for have pool tables in their offices because of this and playing pool has become cool.

If you have a pool table, it’s seen as a great plus point and will drive new business to your establishment. It should also appeal to your current clientele and they may very well spend longer in your bar or club, as they play a game or two.

I don’t think a pool table would match the style of my pub/club?

You don’t have to opt for a traditional looking pool table. There are so many different options available that you’ll easily be able to find one to match (or complement) your interior. If you run a trendy, American themed bar in Chorlton, for instance, you could opt for a table in black pearl with a red cloth. If you have an upmarket place in Didsbury, you might prefer a HG Marble table with a burgundy or black cloth. Whatever your vision, we can make it a reality, so you can easily hire a pool table for your venue.

What options do I have?

We offer two brands of pool tables, Winner and Prince. Our Winner range is more modern and trendy, whereas our Prince range is more traditional in style.

If you choose to have a Winner pool table, you can choose from aluminium, amberwood, beech, black pearl, HG Marble, walnut, white pear and a range of different laminates. If you opt for a wool cloth, you could have green, red, blue, burgundy, black, purple, grey (or another colour at your request). Alternatively, you could upgrade to a Simonis Speed Cloth in green, blue, black or another colour.

We understand that you’ll probably want a pool table that fits seamlessly into your venue so we can create something totally bespoke to you. It can be a really stylish addition and draw attention or it can blend in, the decision is yours.

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