Pool tables keep punters on-site when the sun goes down

Aside from the Christmas and New Year holiday season, the longer lighter evenings of summer are a major boost for the pub trade, but when the sun goes down you risk losing that extra trade in one mass exodus from your beer garden.

Pool tables are a great way to provide punters with a reason to stay for longer, and there’s a naturally good fit between the groups of friends who typically hit the beer garden, and the kinds of people who like to play pool too.

Manco Automatics can supply two of the leading brands of pub pool tables – Winner and Prince – including the option of a profit-share arrangement if you don’t want a cost to cover upfront.

Winner pool tables have more of an American bar feel to the design, with angled legs and chunky curved cushions, making them ideal for a younger crowd or if you run a sports bar or want to embrace the transatlantic style of them.

Prince pool tables, on the other hand, generally have a flatter surround to the cushions, with a more traditional pedestal design to the legs too, and this might be more appropriate in traditional pubs and clubs.

There’s no reason not to choose whichever style you prefer though – trust your own decision-making instincts and you’re most likely to opt for a pool table that will impress your customers.

You have a few other options too, including a wide range of different colours both for the table legs and cushion edges, and for the cloth that covers the slate bed.

Tables can be supplied with either an electronic or mechanical coin validator, and the price per game is adjustable, so it can be set to suit your customers – helping you to keep them on your premises for as long as possible after the sun goes down, and maximising your profits both from your pool table and from drinks sales too.

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