Prepare for spring with pub fruit machines and quiz machines

The lighter nights of spring are coming and as we count down the days until the clocks go forward, it’s the ideal time to take a fresh look at pub fruit machines and quiz machines to keep patrons on-site once the sun goes down.

In the UK we set the clocks forwards one hour on the last Sunday in March – and in 2019 that’s actually as late as it can be, on Sunday March 31st, so you could be forgiven if it feels like summertime is a long time coming this year.

But the good news is, it gives you time to prepare so that once we get that extra hour of evening light, you’re ready to maximise your venue’s appeal to patrons and pubgoers.


Things to think about

As the days and evenings get brighter, there’s less gloom for your venue to hide in, so take an honest look around for signs of disrepair and poor maintenance.

Manco’s engineers will be busy in the coming weeks carrying out pub fruit machine maintenance and making sure pub quiz machines are fully up to date with the latest games, titles and question packs.

We also supply pub jukeboxes, which can be linked up to a network connection so newly released tracks are always available on them via the internet.

You should also take a good look at your pub pool tables and let us know of any disrepair so we can get an engineer out immediately to decide what work needs to be done.


Why it’s worth it

As we reach the warmer evenings, you’ll probably give your beer garden and even your smoking area a quick tidy up – you might even repair or replace any outdoor furniture that shows signs of wear and tear.

But not all of your customers will want to sit outside all of the time, and by giving them a warm, welcoming and entertaining interior, you cater for those who feel the cold as night falls, or who want to stay in the shade in the daytime.

Pub fruit machines and quiz machines are a good way to do this for over-18s, while pub pool tables and jukeboxes provide entertainment for the whole family.

Be sure to call in the Manco engineers sooner rather than later so you are ready when the clocks change on March 31st, and in plenty of time for the big bank holiday Easter weekend on April 19th-22nd.

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