Quiz Machine Maintenance

Quiz machine maintenance doesn’t have to place huge demands on your time, especially if you adopt a ‘little and often’ approach to avoid any major problems developing.

Some quiz machine maintenance you can take care of yourself as part of your daily or weekly tasks, while other aspects are best left to the professionals – so call in a Manco engineer if you’re not sure on 0161 870 7777 and we’ll be on the scene ready to help.

Here are some common quiz machine maintenance tasks to put on your schedule, to keep your pub quiz machines running at their best for as long as possible.

1. Clean the case and screen

Give the exterior casing a quick clean regularly – either as part of your daily closing time routine, or at least once a week.

Take care when cleaning the screen, so as not to damage the touchscreen functionality, but it’s important to remove any dirt and greasy finger marks so it continues working well.

2. Check the coin slot

Make sure the coin slot is working correctly for all denominations, as well as the bank note feeder if your quiz machine has one.

If your quiz machine is a few years old, make sure it has been updated or upgraded to accept the 12-sided £1 coin and polymer banknotes, so you’re not rejecting potential revenues.

3. Update the games

Quiz machines need a network connection in order to update the games and the question packs – which can prevent players from learning the answers by heart!

If possible, give your quiz machine a permanent network connection, and regularly check that it is correctly installing any available updates to offer the latest games and new questions.

4. Have a go!

The best way to check if a quiz machine is working is to try playing the games. Look for any parts of the touchscreen that aren’t responding, visible glitches on the screen, sound problems or games that don’t load correctly.

Having a go yourself gives you a first-person taste of the player experience, so make it part of your regular quiz machine maintenance and you’ll be able to tell if anything isn’t quite right with your machine before it becomes noticeable to your customers.

5. Planned and responsive maintenance

Finally, speak to your Manco engineer about a planned maintenance schedule and keep our number handy in case you need to book an emergency callout.

We can fix many minor problems on-site and can supply temporary and permanent replacement quiz machines if yours suffers a major malfunction – so whatever goes wrong, we’re your best call in a crisis.

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