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For those of you who aren’t aware FOBTs are fixed odds betting terminals and they can be found on any high street throughout the UK – by letting people feed hundreds of pounds into these machines in a matter of minutes they are wreaking havoc on people’s lives.   The type of machine we’re referring to are the virtual roulette machines found in high street betting shops.

It’s time for the government to listen to the calls for change from MPs, gambling addiction charities, people within the industry itself and the general public.

We urge anyone who feels the same way to get behind a petition set up by online lobbyists 38 Degrees – see text below:

Addictive gambling machines that let you bet £100 every twenty seconds are plunging people into life-changing debt. We could be just days away from the government doing something about it – but their decision is in the balance.

Theresa May is considering banning dangerous £100 bets to stop these machines sucking up people’s life savings. But she’s hearing arguments from both sides, and gambling lobbyists are piling on the pressure. Unless she knows where the public stands, she could lose her nerve.

She’ll make her decision in the next few days. If the PM knows hundreds of thousands of us have signed a petition calling for her to crack down on addictive machines, it could be enough to sway her. The petition will be delivered straight to her door as she’s making her decision.

Will you join me and sign the petition?


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