Sweet as a cherry: The importance of fruit machine maintenance

Fruit machine maintenance is an essential part of keeping your slot machines in good working order, but it’s about more than just repairing them when something goes wrong.

Scheduled planned preventative maintenance, or PPM, is like getting a check-up from your doctor or putting your car through its MOT – it allows you to spot problems before they have a chance to put your fruit machine out of action.

From simple cleaning, to replacing components that are beginning to wear out, the important thing is to keep on top of these tasks from the first days of owning or renting a gaming machine, as this will ultimately help to reduce your expenditure on costly repair bills over the long term.

Manco provides a first-class fruit machine maintenance service for gaming machines whether they are new or old – although as already mentioned, your best chance to maximise the longevity of your slot machine and minimise downtime is to carry out scheduled PPM from the very beginning of its service life.

On the inside, we can check the circuitry is working as intended, verify that the coin slot is functioning properly too, and make sure any winnings are paid out without getting stuck in the chute.

Fruit machine maintenance also means testing all of the bulbs that illuminate the front fascia of the game, along with the various features like the bonus trail, number of nudges, and the various physical buttons too.

To maximise the impact of this, we also clean the glass, to keep all of those little lights shining brightly, and this will lead to a better visual effect in your pub or club premises.

Ultimately our service is customer-focused, and by avoiding any malfunctioning circuitry, exposed wiring, or overheating bulbs, you can make sure you don’t face any health and safety concerns too.

But for the punter, a gleaming gaming machine is a sign that everything is in good working order, that the buttons will work and the coins will dispense as they should – and this increases the chances of them playing, which is great news for your overall takings.

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