Taste of Summer – prepping your venue

In an ideal world, the sun would shine continually during June, July and August but realistically we’re only going to get the odd sunny spell (hopefully at the weekend when people are off work). It’s important that your pub or club makes the most of the good weather, holding BBQs, fun days and special events but it’s equally important to keep the tills ringing when the weather isn’t great.

Here are some top tips to get your venue ready for summer:

Think about your seating

You need to consider your seating both indoors and outdoors. Do you need to invest in some outdoor benches and furniture? Perhaps a few deck chairs and a gazebo? If you don’t have outdoor heaters you’re missing a trick as the nights can still get pretty cold at times.

Think about inside too. Are you wasting valuable space indoors because your layout needs adjusting? You don’t want people to end up moving on because they can’t get a seat. If you think creatively, you could find enough room for a pool table which could draw people in, especially if you run regular competitions throughout the summer.

Get creative

Decorate your pub or club with colourful bunting, buckets and spades, introduce summer themed cocktails and don’t be afraid to embrace the Hawaiian shirt! Introduce a digital jukebox if you don’t have one already so people can blast out their favourite summer anthems.

Consider families more

You might make the majority of your money at the weekends but during the week there is the opportunity to draw in families, especially during the summer holidays. Could you do special meal deals, offer child-friendly afternoon teas, have a bouncy castle and games in your outdoor space? If you’ve never targeted families before, just try one or two things to see if they work before you invest more of your time and resources. If you’re going to run family fun days, you may want to hire a sound system. Contact Manco Automatics today by ringing 0161 870 7777 and they can have one in place in a matter of days.

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