The 2016 Summer of Sport

It’s been a great summer of sport already in 2016, with England’s poor showing in the Euros more than made up for by the other home nations, and especially by Wales, whose unprecedented run earned them a hero’s welcome and an open-top bus parade around Cardiff.

Andy Murray has finally found his form on a regular basis, putting in performance after performance at Wimbledon and earning a much deserved win.

The UK benefits from a midsummer scheduling for the Silverstone Grand Prix too, ensuring the race is least likely to be a washout, even allowing for the unpredictable British weather (although the scheduling of the Japanese Grand Prix remains a mystery to weather forecasters worldwide).

And in 2016 we also have the promise of the first Summer Olympics since London 2012, with high hopes for Team GB as they head off to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Yes, British competitors’ performance varies, and there’s no denying England failed to deliver on their strong qualifying performance for Euro 2016, but Wales lifted the spirits of all but the most bitter of onlookers and Irish fans had plenty of reason to party too.

On top of that, Wimbledon in particular often gives pubs a boost in trade as it inspires many people to go out and seek a pitcher of Pimms, complete with fruit piled to the brim of their glass.

With all of these festivities, you can attract and retain more of this summertime trade by giving them ways to compete – a pub pool table, quiz machine or fruit machine – and a juke box to provide the soundtrack to their summer too.

Internet-enabled juke boxes provide the latest chart releases so your selection doesn’t sound outdated, while quiz machines can be updated with the latest sporting trivia too.

Combined with a freshly covered pub pool table and, when the time comes, fruit machines that accept 12-sided pound coins and polymer banknotes, you’re all set to reap the rewards of a packed summer of sporting spectacles.


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