The best pub fruit machine games make money for the venue but still leave players with a smile on their face – so how can a pub gambling machine do both?

Although everyone loves to win, some quality gameplay along the way is crucial to give players value for money, especially on a losing game.

Over the years, the most successful pub gambling machines have proved this time and time again. Despite what people might say, it’s not just about the money.

We’ve picked out five of the best pub fruit machine games to help demonstrate this, as well as to give an idea of the variety of titles that are available.


You can’t beat a bit of Bully and with features inspired by the iconic TV show, a Bullseye pub fruit machine is a great addition to any venue.

Darts is a perfect match for pub entertainment, and a dartboard works really well as the basis for a fruit machine feature – plus the show’s “should they gamble?” moment provides a ready-made wager for fruit machine players too.

With spin-off titles including Bully’s Prize Board and Bully’s Star Prize, Bullseye has spawned an entire series of fantastic fruit machines, testament to its enduring popularity.


Cops’n’Robbers has been entertaining pubgoers for decades and is still going strong as one of the best pub fruit machine games.

Recent titles include Cops’n’Robbers Safecracker and Cops’n’Robbers Street Wise, so you can have multiple machines in one venue without duplication.

Safes and swag bags set the scene for a game based entirely on money, just right for players whose eyes are firmly on the jackpot.

Deal Or No Deal

Deal Or No Deal has produced more different titles and gameplay features than anything else in recent years, with the fruit machines far outlasting the TV show itself.

Just some Deal Or No Deal fruit machine titles on the list over the years include:

  • Deal Or No Deal Banker’s Bonus
  • Deal Or No Deal Cops And Robbers
  • Deal Or No Deal Desert Island Deal
  • Deal Or No Deal Live The Dream
  • Deal Or No Deal Make Or Break
  • Deal Or No Deal Play It Again
  • Deal Or No Deal Right Deal Right Time
  • Deal Or No Deal Spank The Banker
  • Deal Or No Deal The Perfect Deal
  • DOND Access All Areas
  • DOND Bank On It
  • DOND Banker’s Offer
  • DOND Crazy Chair Gold
  • DOND Double Chance
  • DOND East & West Wing
  • DOND Eliminator
  • DOND Go All The Way
  • DOND Golden Game
  • DOND Lucky Streak
  • DOND Open The Box
  • DOND Powerplay
  • DOND Pure Gold
  • DOND Rapid Round
  • DOND Seal The Deal
  • DOND Take A Chance
  • DOND The Big One
  • DOND Time To Play
  • DOND Turbo
  • Double Deal Or No Deal
  • MEGA Deal Or No Deal
  • Red Hot Deal Or No Deal
  • Triple DOND

It’s a list that goes on, and on, and on – and this isn’t even all of them. It’s fair to say that many players now walk into the pub and look for the DOND fruit machine first and foremost, so it’s a good idea to make sure you have at least one Deal Or No Deal pub fruit machine for them to play.


Before Deal Or No Deal, Monopoly fruit machines were the big draw, and they’re still hugely popular – especially among punters who don’t want to stare at Noel’s face while playing.

Monopoly Millionaire was so successful it was followed by Monopoly Millionaire Diamond Edition, and titles like Monopoly Reel Estate and Monopoly Millionaire’s Row are also among the most popular in recent years.

Features based on the board game’s mechanics of collecting properties, building houses and hotels, plus the gamble elements of ‘chance’ and ‘community chest’ cards, all translate perfectly into some of the best pub fruit machine games of all time.

Pots Of Gold

Taking inspiration from the luck of the Irish, Pots Of Gold is a colourful pub fruit machine with plenty of green and leprechaun characters.

It has a classic circular feature board with ‘move in’ and ‘move out’ mechanics to reach the higher prizes.

Bronze, silver and gold pots, along with lucky horseshoes, tie in with the title to create an enduringly popular fruit machine with widespread appeal.

Final Thoughts

With so many titles to choose from, sometimes the best way to find the best pub gambling machine for your premises is to start trying them out and see what works.

If you want to benefit from some expert advice, give Manco Automatics a call and we can help you to choose the best pub fruit machine games from our latest inventory, to give you a headstart over your competition.